Zero SR 2022: an electric motorcycle that arrives in Spain with up to 365 km of autonomy and revised price

At the end of last year, the American Zero Motorcycles announced the launch of the new Zero SR 2022, a model that starts from the base of the previous Zero SR/F Standard, which it takes over improving in all aspects. Now the brand announces the arrival of the SR 2022 in Spain.

By the time it was announced, however, it boasted a price of 19,150 euros. Now the Zero SR 2022 has seen its price slightly upwards (presumably due to the higher cost of materials), starting from 19,720 euros.

This is priced in line with what is undoubtedly its biggest rival, the electric Harley-Davidson LiveWire. Harley’s electric motorcycle, however, is currently only marketed in the United States for a price of 20,067 euros ($21,999). On the Spanish Harley website, the previous version is still advertised for 33,700 euros.

ZeroSR 2022 2
ZeroSR 2022.

The powertrain of the Zero SR 2022 is marked by the presence of the ZF75-10 enginewhich in this specification yields 166 Nm of torque and a power of 74 CV (55kW). Figures that take Zero’s electric motorcycle up to a maximum speed of 167 kilometers per hour.

The propellant is powered by a battery whose capacity is positioned in three possible steps through three versions. The first of them is called 14.4+ kWh and with a full charge it can offer a range in the city of up to 251 km. optionally you can get up to 17.3 kWhthus extending its aforementioned autonomy by 50 km, up to a total of 301 kilometres.

The brand offers the possibility of opting for more capacity through the Power Tank, an extra accessory which allows to reach 20.9 kWh. This will achieve 64 extra kilometers of autonomy, reaching up to 365 kilometers of use in the city, or 182 kilometers on expressways (at an average of 113 kilometers per hour, depending on the brand).

ZeroSR 2022
ZeroSR 2022

The Zero SR comes standard with a 3.0 kW charger that allows a recharging time of 4.5 hours for a full charge. Optionally, Zero offers (through the Cypher Store) a 10% improvement to reach up to 3.3 kW and achieve a full charge in 4.1 hours with the same charger.

However, there is the possibility of equipping a fast charging module called Rapid Charger that Zero offers as an accessory. With this solution the load capacity can reach 9.3 kW and reduce full charge time to 1.8 hours.

Zero Motorcycles urges those interested in the SR 2022 to visit any of the 19 authorized points of sale that are distributed throughout Spain.

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