Zeekr 009, a groundbreaking design for an electric car that goes beyond the minivan

Electrification seems to be rescuing, albeit from afar, the format of the popular family minivans created in the 1980s. There are several proposals that are already on the market of what is now known as MPV (Multipurpose vehicles) which are actually vans adapted to transport people with a more or less elaborate interior. It is the case of Zeek 009an electric vehicle that is clearly distinguished by its design platform-based rare Sustainable Experience Architecture (SEA), developed by the Geely Group, to which this firm belongs.

The Zeek 009 It is claimed as the brand’s second electric car accompanying the Zeekr 001, an electric sedan that is already being marketed in China. The manufacturer takes a leap forward with this electric van, whose development had already been hinted at last July by the company.

The images have been shown through his Zeekr Webio page. In them you can see an avant-garde design that can be vaguely reminiscent of the Kia Carnival although the similarities do not go beyond the pronounced angles created in its front and rear. According to information from Auto 163 The dimensions of the Zeekr 009 are 5,209 mm long, 2,240 mm wide and 1,856 mm high, with a wheelbase of 3,205 mm. To put this in perspective it is 79mm longer than a Carnival and its wheelbase is 114mm longer.

Zeekr 009 electric car van minivan mpv multipurpose-interior2jpg
The Zeekr 009 is claimed as the brand’s second electric car following the Zeekr 001, an electric sedan that is already being marketed in China.

The rest of the design that is mainly characterized by a grillthe front completely closed and in silver color similar in design to that of the Rolls-Royce, which is framed by 154 LED lights. Because the daytime running lights are another of the Zeekr 009’s distinguishing features, accompanied by very slim horizontal headlamps and vertical air curtains, helping to give the van’s overall look a geometric feel. The extended windshield and pronounced wheel arches mark the side profile. A prominent shoulder line runs along the entire side and black pillars rest on them that help to mark a floating roof so common in current car designs.

The glass roof is divided into two, a sliding part that sits above the driver and his passenger and a panoramic part for the passengers in the row or rear rows because, apparently, its length could allow for a third row of seats, although there is no confirmation about it. The roof ends in a small spoiler or rear spoiler and elegant and narrow pilots that are joined by an illuminated LED strip.

The interior, of which visual information is scarce, is also characterized by geometric patterns, premium finishes and an information and entertainment system that it is to be assumed that it will share with the Zeekr 001 and that, as in the case of other brands in the group, it will be based on Google.

Zeekr 009 electric car van minivan mpv multipurpose-interior1
The side line of the Zeekr 009 marks its floating roof and ends in a vertical rear marked by an LED strip that joins the LED pilot lights that give personality to the rear.

Zeekr has not offered any further details on this model, as most of the information comes from local media. So carnewschina affirms that the van will be assembled on Geely’s Sustainable Experience Architecture (SEA) platform and could have an autonomy in the NEDC cycle of 700 kilometers. Zeekr has assured that this model will be present at the end of this month at the Chengdu Motor Show, which starts on August 26, where more details about it will be given.

Earlier this year Zeekr announced its international expansion plans in parallel with the increase in its offer. In 2022 will prepare its arrival on the European continent which will start during the first months of 2023 in selected specific markets, according to reports CnEVPost.

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