Youin You-GO XL: the ideal electric scooter if you are looking for autonomy at a good price

The irruption of the electric scooter in our daily life has been like few have seen before. According to a study by the Network of Cities for Bicycles, there are currently 1.1 million scooter users in Spain and it is expected that next year it will increase to 1.5 million. This new means of transport has made it possible to speed up a large part of the journeys in towns and cities, has forced the DGT to establish a new regulatory framework to regulate them and has led to such an offer of models that it can sometimes be difficult to choose one. But there are always more interesting models than others.

One of those models that we can qualify as interesting is the Youin You-Go XL, a most complete, robust and ideal electric scooter if you are going to do many kilometers a day. And it is that the You-Go XL offers up to 50 kilometers of autonomy1 with a full battery charge, a figure above that offered by other scooters in the same price range.


The Youin You-Go XL reaches 50 kilometers of autonomy

If you are looking for electric scooters with at least 50 kilometers of autonomy, you will usually find models around 600 euros and even above 700 euros. The You-Go XL has a sale price of 449 euros, which makes it one of the best alternatives for performance / price ratio. But let’s not just talk about autonomy.

The You-Go XL boasts of being comfortable to carry thanks to a slightly wider base than usual, in which a driver weighing up to 100 kg can go, and 10-inch wheels with an air chamber that allow better cushioning potholes than a solid rubber wheel. It also equips front suspension, so that the irregularities of the asphalt will be even less bothersome.


Due to its design, robustness and performance, it is one of the most interesting scooters on the market.

The scooter has a 350 W electric motor. Something in which all the scooters on the market “tie” is their maximum speed, which is limited by law to 25 km/h. Within these legal limits, the You-Go XL allows you to choose between 3 driving modes different: the Eco mode limits the maximum speed to 10 km/h, which allows the autonomy to be stretched; in Standard mode you can drive at 15 km/h; and in Sport mode, the 25 km/h maximum allowed by law is reached.

Performance that would not be possible without the battery providing power to the electric motor. The You-Go XL mounts a 12.8 Ah 36 V lithium battery (460.8 Wh capacity) that takes between 6 and 7 hours to fully charge -the most normal thing is that you do not rush it, otherwise it will mean that you have planned regularly and have come home walking-. The manufacturer claims that the battery supports about 500 full charges before it begins to gradually decrease in capacity (as in any other lithium battery). Despite the generous size of the battery and the robustness of the chassis, the weight of the scooter remains at 16.6 kilos.


The Youin You-Go XL can be folded to be transported or left at home taking up less space.

The You-Go XL comes standard with a integrated LCD display in a central position where you can see the speed at which you are going, the selected driving mode and, logically, the autonomy you have left. On the right side of the handlebar is the accelerator and on the left, the brake lever that acts on a drum brake on the front wheel that guarantees good braking in any circumstance. And logically, to be able to drive at night or in low light, the You-Go XL is equipped with a front light and a rear light to be seen.

Complete technical specifications of the Youin You-Go XL.

1The autonomy may vary depending on the slope of the terrain, the weight of the driver, the ambient temperature, etc.

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