You can now set up a NIO, but you better know Norwegian

It is clear that NIO has very well thought out where it should enter Europe. Step by step the Chinese are normalizing their presence in the old continent, although they still have a long way to go. One of those steps is opening the model configurator on the web page. The Norwegian division has just opened the section and thanks to this we can already play with the possible model options, bodies, batteries and colors available. Although there is still a long way to go before it reaches Spain, at least it allows us to know how we are going to want it when it is available.

After the great act of presentation of the brand in Europe, a ceremony held a few days ago in the city of Berlin, NIO has detailed its action plans. Plans that contemplate having a presence in markets as important as France, the Netherlands or Germany, as well as of course the offer already available in Norway, the first territory in which they have planted the flag. Unfortunately Spain is not today on that roadmap. The Chinese will propose a more affordable brand for our market with smaller cars.

Front view of the NIO ET5

But that should not disappoint us because at least now we will be able to configure the NIO of our dreams through the Norwegian configurator. All models are sensible to configure, from the NIO ET5 to the NIO EL7, formerly known as ES7 but whose name has been changed so as not to conflict with Audi. The first thing you should do, unless you know Norwegian, is to activate the translation in the browser so that you know what you are seeing. Access the model you want to customize and start a new order. If you have time to spare you can always play with all of them to see which one you like the most.

The ET5 will be one of the best-selling models of the house. The direct rival of the Tesla Model 3 saloon has many ballots to conquer many European drivers. On the Norwegian website it is advertised from a starting price of 409,000 Danish kroner, which in turn comes to be a not at all discreet 54,980 euros, VAT included. Then we can select the size of the battery that most interests us. It comes standard with the 75 kWh battery that offers 445 kilometers of approved autonomy. If we add the 100 kWh battery option, the range will increase to 580 kilometers in the WLTP cycle.

The configurator allows the ET5 to be designed in nine different colors and two rim designs

NIO proposes two acquisition formats. The first is by monthly subscription, at a rate of 0 crowns per month, or we can buy it for the modest price of 90,000 Danish crowns, which in exchange is almost 12,100 euros. Taking this into account, it is not surprising that the vast majority of the brand’s clients are opting for the subscription format. In the next step we can play with the bodywork. Up to nine different paints depending on the model, and different sets of 19-inch wheels. All this at zero cost.

Three-quarters of the same happens inside. Personalization allows different combinations for the cabin. What will involve an outlay are some of the options proposed such as the tow ball or the comfort package including heated rear seats and heated steering wheel. The truth is that the configuration options are more varied than expected, and the prices of some options are quite affordable. Regarding delivery times, it can be seen that NIO estimates a period of six months for some models, that is, in March of next year. Now it’s your turn to configure the model you want, you will surely have a good time.

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