Yadea presents in Spain the VFly F200, the brand’s most powerful electric scooter

Yadea begins a new commercial stage in Spain with the help of Human Mobility SA, the same company behind KYMCO, and it has done so in addition to presenting a new range of models, making a new electric scooter known for the first time worldwide. Its about Yadea VFly F200which due to its performance is destined to become the top of the range of the brand, although it will continue to operate within the segment of urban motorcycles.

for now Yadea has not made public too many technical data about this new model, nor its price for Spain, but it has released just enough information to make it clear that it is the most powerful model of the brand to date, or at least of all those destined to step on our market.

The benefits are marked by autonomy with a full charge of 100 kilometers and a maximum speed of 100 kilometers per hour, while acceleration from standstill to fifty kilometers per hour will be achieved in just 2.5 seconds.

VFLY F 200 01
Yadea VFlu F200.

Features that mark distances with respect to the rest of the electric scooters in the Yadea range, whose highest maximum speed is 80 kilometers per hour. The main responsible for this is his central engine, whose power is 10 kW (13.6 hp)although they do not specify if it is the nominal power or the maximum power

Based on the acceleration data, which is particularly striking, and taking the Ray 7.7 (an electric scooter that we have already been able to test) as a reference, it is predictably the nominal power, since the Spanish scooter achieves 0 to 50 in three seconds and yields 11 kW of nominal power and 17 of peak power (equivalent to 23 CV).

VFLY F 200 03
Yadea VFlu F200.

Being the flagship electric scooter of the brand, Yadea has also wanted to mark distances with the competition in the equipment section and will have elements such as the intelligent voice control system (which manages to unlock the scooter without a key), activate the anti-theft, and interact with the smart screen and the functions of navigation, messaging, etc.

At the moment the brand has not specified the markets to which the VFlu F200 will arrive or the date on which it will arrive.

Range of electric scooters from Yadea in Spain

The range of electric scooters of the brand is, therefore, made up of four different modelsyes Two of them are mopeds, the T9L Plus and G5 Pro, and the other two equivalent to 125 (G5 S and C1S Pro), while professional customers will have the most competitive professional vehicle on the market, in its moped and motorcycle (Y1S and Y1 S Pro). It will also have two electric scooters for sale, the K5S and K5S Pro.

YADEA Range Spain 01
Range of patients and electric scooters from Yadea for Spain.

The brand will initially rely on an e-Commerce channel, which will be operational from August, as well as on a physical sales network, which is expected to reach 200 points by the end of the year, thus constituting Yadea’s first network outside of Asia.

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