Yadea arrives in Spain: all the prices of its 2022 electric motorcycles

The firm of ‘e-scooters’ Yadea has landed in Spain and expects to reach a 12% share in the electric scooter market, specifically, 12% in the private channel and around 20% in companies, as well as doubling the number of outlets up to 400.

This was stated by the president of Yadea Spain, Ernesto Ko, in the presentation of the strategic plan Yadea Spain 2022-2025, which has the objective of consolidating the firm in the ‘top 3’ of most relevant brands by 2025.

According to its strategy, Yadea contemplates that the electric scooter market could almost double in four years, with a jump of 82.4%, from 11,836 units registered in 2021 to 21,605 units in 2025, according to forecasts prepared by Grant Thornton for the brand.

This growth, which will mean adding some 74,809 units to the park in those years (mopeds and motorcycles), will occur mainly in the private market, which will lead a growth of 72%. For its part, the business channel will record growth of 88.2%, while ‘moto sharing’ will practically double (96%).

Ko has underlined that Yadea’s main objective is to contribute to the transformation of urban mobility from an active position, contributing its experience and knowledge in all institutional forums.

For this reason, the manager has asked the Government to include the moped in state aid, since “this blackout is slowing down the sustainable transformation of cities, and prevents the jump to electric mobility of 3,500 new users per year”.

The balanced growth rate between mopeds and motorcycles in 2020 (7,785 mopeds versus 6,788 motorcycles) has been breaking down since the exclusive incentive plans for motorcycles. Currently, the gap has been widening and for every moped sold, 2 motorcycles are registered (2,166 mopeds compared to 4,292 motorcycles).

The Yadea Spain range

On the other hand, private users will be able to choose between two mopeds (T9L Plus and G5 Pro models), two motorcycles (G5 S and C1S Pro) and two scooter models (K5S and K5S Pro); while the professionals will have a vehicle in a moped and motorcycle version (Y1S and Y1 S Pro).

VFLY F 200 01
VFLY F 200.

Likewise, the CEO of Yadea Europe, Aska Zeng, has shown the world premiere of the new ‘flagship’ of Yadea’s high-end brand, the V-FLY electric scooter: F-200.

The model has a 10 kilowatt (kW) motor and stands out for its acceleration from 0 to 50 kilometers per hour in just 2.5 seconds, a range of 100 kilometers or a maximum speed of 100 km/h, among other things.

Yadea will rely on an ‘e-commerce’ channel, operational since August, and on the planned physical sales network, which is expected to reach 200 points by the end of the year, and thus constitute Yadea’s first network outside of Asia. Yadea Global has entrusted Human Mobility with the official distribution of the firm in Spain.


YADEA Series G5_T9L 01
YADEA G5 and T9L series.

LT9 Plus: the most functional proposal and it is presented as the best quality/price ratio on the market. Equivalent to a moped (L1, maximum speed of 45 km/h), it has two batteries from the manufacturer ATL, which allows it to increase autonomy up to 112 kilometers. Its retail price is €2,390.

G5 Pro: a second moped for the most demanding users (L1 category, maximum speed of 45 km/h), with greater power than the previous model. It will be available in gray and black. Its retail price is €3,190.


G5S: constitutes the brand’s biggest commitment to Spain. Equivalent to a motorcycle, its retail price is 3,990 euros and it will be available in matt black, white and silver.

C1SPro: Winner of the Reddot design award and designed by KISKA, it highlights its high-power side motor (6,000 W) and water-cooled. Its price is €4,790 and will be marketed in two colors: gray and matte black.


K5S and K5S Pro: they are the two proposals of YADEA scooters. They stand out for their great stability since their wheels are solid and the largest on the market (10” inches), and their motor is located in the rear wheel.

Y1S / Y1S Pro: the most affordable professional moped (L1) on the market and its retail price is 3,390 euros. His older brother (motorcycle category), Y1SPro: 3,590 euros.

YADEA K5 Series
YADEA K5 series.

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