XPeng paralyzes P5 orders in Europe, unable to guarantee delivery

Not by running more you arrive earlier. XPeng has set out to turn the world car market upside down. The Chinese company wants to establish itself as one of the best sellers in record time, or at least those were its intentions. In a dramatic turn of events, XPeng P5 reservations for Europe are paralyzed due to the uncertainty of not knowing when it can be suppliedyes A small commercial setback that will force the brand to change its delivery schedule for the old continent.

At the beginning of March of this year, the official opening of the order book for the XPeng P5 was announced. The direct rival electric sedan of the Tesla Model 3 has sought by all means to reach the market as soon as possible, knowing that the more it postpones its entry, the more it will cost to stand up. With extraordinary conditions, the P5 has always sought to be the best option in terms of value for money. A very attractive cost that for Europe was announced from 48,000 euros for the version with 465 kilometers of autonomy.

It must be recognized that XPeng does not currently have a large commercial infrastructure in Europe. The Chinese have first attacked the markets where the market share of electric cars is very high: Sweden, Norway, Denmark and the Netherlands.. Its first concessions have been open for months trying to attract customers and seeking to change the European mentality regarding the electric car “made in China”.

Dealer-XPeng in Europe.

Despite the good work done, even China is not escaping the current problems of the industry in terms of supply and manufacturing. Month after month, XPeng manages to break production records, but the dates for the arrival of the P5 for Europe are destabilizing. The announced deadlines seem impossible to meet. Customer service and user experience is very important to XPeng, for this reason, and in a show of sincerity, the Chinese march has decided to stop the reservations of the P5. There is a change of plans.

The official statement was: “As we all know, global supply chain issues have been affecting the industry for many months. Many brands have had to adjust their production and delivery plans, as well as pricing, to mitigate these challenges and uncertainties. We believe that some of these challenges will persist. Our most recent assessment is that the delivery time stated above for the P5 in Europe may no longer be a result of some of these challenges.

Given this situation, the XPeng P7, which is being manufactured at a good pace, will be the one that receives all the commercial attention in Europe, accelerating its introduction into the markets. Although the first deliveries were made some time ago, XPeng’s new plans involve convincing P5 customers to switch to P7. A larger electric sedan with very similar characteristics that is offered from an approximate launch price of 46,000 euros for the Norwegian market.

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