XPeng announces the launch of two new models for 2023

XPeng is on track to replicate Xiaomi’s strategy. The communications giant has discovered that the more you flood the market with products, the more attention and sales you will receive. Although the mobile phone industry is not the same as the car industry, the company’s goal is very similar. After a second quarter with a positive balance, XPeng announces that next year it plans to launch two more models. Two units that will almost certainly end up stepping on European soil.

The Chinese automotive industry has seen in the electric car an excellent ally for the expansion of its operations. China is not only the largest battery manufacturer in the world, it is also the largest electricity market on the planet. In the first seven months of the year, the sale of plug-in cars has accounted for 22% of the market share. The commercial boom is clear, and XPeng wants to take advantage of the sweet moment that the industry is experiencing to continue reaching new heights.

Although the second quarter of the year has had a bittersweet taste, the numbers reflect the strong growth of the Chinese brand. From April to June, XPeng has reported enormous revenues, 97.7% higher than those achieved in the same period of the previous year, although the gross margin has been reduced from 11.9% last year to 10.9% of this 2022. For this third quarter it expects to deliver between 29 and 31 thousand cars, somewhat below the 34,422 units registered in the second cycle.

xpeng-g9-electric (1)
The G9 is the new model of the house, an SUV that promises to overthrow the traditional thinking of Chinese cars

During the presentation of results, the executive director of XPeng, He Xiaopeng, has communicated that the company’s goal is to launch two new platforms to offer a total of six new vehicles in the future, two of which we will see next year. Although not much has transpired about the couple of novelties that await us in 2023, Xiaopeng himself has declared: “they will reinforce the strong momentum of sales growth to continue next year.”

At the moment the Chinese company has four models for sale: XPeng P7, XPeng P5, XPeng G3i and XPeng G9. Two sedans and two SUVs that try to position themselves as an alternative to the global brands that operate in markets such as China and Europe.. In the old continent the company continues with its expansion plans. The G9 has just started its commercialization stage in China, and many eyes are on it due to the level reached by the company. You just have to take a look inside to realize it.

Cars aren’t the company’s only source of market penetration. XPeng knows how important the car is as well as the charging system. Recently the company has presented its new S4 chargers that manage to establish themselves as one of the most powerful in the world. Up to 480 kWh that allow a range of approximately 200 kilometers to be recovered in just five minutes.

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