Xiaomi and Mercedes-AMG Petronas F1 Team electric scooter, now at a discount

One of the best-known electric scooters by all are those marketed by Xiaomi thanks to their good work and their remarkably cheap price. It is a product that, initially, is presented as one of the best alternatives on the market. We recently learned about the new version launched by the Chinese firm, the so-called Mi Electric Scooter 3, a model that added some new features with respect to the Mi Electric Scooter Pro 2. However, although the Scooter 3 is already on sale, the Pro 2 does not yield still the witness and, a few months ago, it was presented under a more than spectacular decoration for lovers of Formula 1 and Mercedes.

Let’s remember that the Mi Electric Scooter 3 inherited a large number of features already released in the Mi Electric Scooter Pro 2, although it also improved in other aspects such as the rear brake system, which now incorporates a double caliper, much more effective at times of more pronounced braking. The own decoration that we are talking about today is not exactly new, since the model was presented to the world almost a year ago. So what is the real news?

The answer to this question is based on a significant discount on the price of the electric scooter decorated by the Mercedes Formula 1 team. Initially, it was presented at a commercial price of 799 euros and with no other alternatives to choose from. The scooter was sold as we see in the image that illustrates this article. Now, after almost a year being marketed, for the first time The Chinese firm lowers its acquisition price to 549 euros through its official website. A much more attractive cost for a greater number of potential interested customers, but is it better to get this or make the leap to Scooter 3?

Its specifications are more than good for day to day

The Xiaomi and Mercedes-AMG Petronas scooter is now on sale for 549 euros.

At a first overview we can say that the Scooter 3 and the Pro 2 differed little, but enough to provide more software updates (since it is a more current model) as well as the technical advantage provided by having a Much more generous rear disc brake. beyond this getting a unit of the scooter decorated by Mercedes will be a mere matter of exclusivity and aesthetic differentiation compared to other models, both from the competition and from the Xiaomi corporation itself.

Due to its high price, the Pro 2 decorated by Mercedes did not enjoy high sales volumes, since the firm intended to give the scooter that halo of exclusivity. Precisely for this reason we believe that it is a good time to take the leap and get one of these few electric scooters, since the economic difference with Scooter 3 will be just 100 additional euros with which we will gain in exclusivity and presence, while practically no we will lose functional characteristics on a day-to-day basis.

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