Wuling Air EV: the cheapest electric car in the world launches a “luxury” version

The Wuling HongGuang (or Wuling MINI EV) will shortly debut a version with which its creators intend to captivate those buyers who value better aesthetics and finishes than those usually used in the segment of electric microcars in the Asian country. They have named it AirEVand this will be its appearance.

This peculiar electric car, the result of the collaboration between SAIC, GM and Wuling, is a model that has become a sensation in China, since thanks to its price and what it offers, it has been proclaimed the best-selling electric car in the country. , leaving behind even the Tesla Model 3 itself, which is the best-selling electric car in the world.

Now, thanks to some images corresponding to the homologation process to be followed in China, We have been able to see in advance the design of this new, more exclusive variant of the Wuling MINI EV, which in essence remains the same car, only that its design changes to be more innovative and that it will also be distinguished with a new name Air EV (probably “inspired” by the most luxurious electric car in the world, the Lucid Air).

Thanks to the leaked information and from which in Engine1 have been echoed, we know that there will be two different variants of the Air EV, one of them with a reduced wheelbase (SWB) and another with dimensions similar to that of the Wuling MINI EV (LWB). While the first will have a total length of 2,974 meters with a wheelbase of 2,010 meters, the short wheelbase version will be 2,599 meters long, with a wheelbase of 1,635 meters. For reference, the Wuling MINI EV is 2,917 meters long with a wheelbase of 1,940 meters.

Wuling Air EV
Rear design of the Wuling Air EV.

With this body offering over the Wuling MINI EV, the Air EV will be allowed to offer four seats in the extended wheelbase configuration just like the model on which it is based, while in the short wheelbase variant it will be marketed as a two-seater.

Based on the documents, the Air EV will rely on the same technical scheme as the Wuling MINI EV, meaning it will offer 24kW peak power Y 85 Nm of torque. Regarding batteries, presumably, depending on the chosen bodywork, their capacity will vary between 9.3 or 13.9 kWh. On a full charge it should be capable of certifying the same 305 kilometers as the Wuling MINI EV in the age-old NEDC homologation cycle.

This new Air EV version of the Wuling MINI EV is expected to hit the Chinese market later this year. However, it is not the only version that Wuling has launched to market based on the MINI EV, which has previously launched the Nano EV, a sportier-looking version of its popular electric car.

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