With this special edition electric Evija Lotus celebrates the 50th anniversary of its Formula 1 title

Lotus’s first electric sports car finally turned out to be a shock to the company and to the current market. Its power of 2,000 CV and its completely impressive aesthetics, have earned it the award of one of the most impressive electric cars in the world. And as a way of emphasizing its portentousness as the brand’s crown jewel, Lotus has presented a limited edition of it with which to celebrate the 50th anniversary of obtaining the Formula 1 drivers’ and constructors’ title in 1972.

The driver tasked with leading Team Lotus to the top of the podium in the early 1970s was the award-winning Emerson Fittipaldi. For this reason, Lotus has seen fit to name this limited edition as Lotus Evija Fittipaldi Limited Edition, in commemoration of the legendary Brazilian runner. In addition to the remembered obtaining of these titles in the 1972 season, Fittipaldi also won another world championship for the same team in 1974 and two runner-up finishes in 1973 and 1975, in addition to other victories in various motorsport categories.

Despite the aesthetics, the Lotus Evija Fittipaldi does not receive alterations in its mechanics

The Lotus Evija Fittipaldi Limited Edition gets a exterior decoration called John Player Specialwhich reproduces the same one that had the Formula 1 Lotus Type 72. This is made up of two main shades: black and gold. The totally dark model inserts colored lines on the front and on the hood, its wheels also get this mentioned gold color. In the rear area there are also these decorative lines conjugated with the pilot’s own name and some emblems with the victories obtained by Fittipaldi; the latter are located above the retractable rear spoiler.

The interior of the electric supercar continues to display the same color scheme. Its carbon fiber seats get gold-tone decorations, as well as specific stitching. This is also found on other elements like the sports steering wheel, air vents or pedals. Additionally, on the roof is the image of the Lotus Type 72 and on the dashboard the signature of the pilot it commemorates.

The interior of the electric hypercar inserts decorative elements in gold color

The model was unveiled at a private event held in Hethel, UK, at Lotus headquarters. Over there both Emerson Fittipaldi and Jenson Button attended2009 Formula 1 world champion. During the start, the Lotus Evija Fittipaldi Limited Edition lapped on the brand’s track alongside the Lotus Type 72, both driven by two drivers.

In the veteran driver’s own words: “It’s fantastic to be back in Hethel for such a special occasion. I’ve really enjoyed being a part of this project and it’s been a wonderful experience to reveal the car to some of its new owners.”

On the roof is the silhouette of the Lotus Type 72, which it commemorates

Nevertheless, this limited edition does not modify the already known mechanics of the electric hypercar, since it continues to present a quadruple engine layout, 2,000 hp and 1,700 Nm of maximum torque. Thanks to this, the Lotus Evija Fittipaldi Limited Edition is able to polish the 0 to 300 km/h in just 9 seconds and reach an electronically limited top speed of 350 km/h.

At the moment, the British company has not revealed the individual price for which the only 8 units of the Lotus Evija Fittipaldi Limited Edition will be marketed, as a reference to the 8 Lotus Type 72 that are still in operation. Production of this limited edition has already started and the first units will reach their lucky owners in early 2023.

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