With almost 440 km in urban mode, the Alrendo TS Bravo is the electric “125” with the longest autonomy in the world

Alrendo is a Chinese manufacturer of electric motorcycles whose most famous model is the TS Bravo, a 75 hp electric motorcycle with which they intend to compete in an affordable key against manufacturers such as Zero Motorcycles or Livewire. Now, on the other hand, the Asian firm is launching a 11 kW power version of the Alfredo Bravo TS, which in Europe makes it an equivalent of 125.

Beyond the commercial exponent that this means, since it is running as an eligible model for those who have a two-year-old car license or the A1, is that the battery does not change with respect to the higher power version.

The foregoing favors the Alrendo TS offering a range of up to 438 kilometers in urban cycle, which leaves behind the Urbet Lora and its 360 kilometres. However, the real figure promises to decrease as much as 160 kilometers that the firm declares that it will achieve at 120 kilometers per hour, while at 80 kilometers per hour it will achieve about 280 kilometers.

Alrendo TS Bravo
Due to the dimensions and capacity of the cycle part, the Alfredo TS Bravo seems to be a model with greater power than the real one.

This is thanks to a battery whose gross capacity is 17.3 kWh (14.3 kWh net). A large battery that adds weight to the whole and that, thanks to the TS Bravo’s built-in charger, with 3.8 kW of power, is capable of fully charging its battery in less than four hours.

The electric motor, for its part, is centrally positioned and has a nominal power of 11 kW (14.75 CV), while the maximum power is 20 kW (27 hp). It is capable of accelerating from 0 to 100 in 8 seconds, while its maximum speed is 135 kilometers per hour.

As for its price, and according to the distributors of the brand in Spain, the Alrendo TS Bravo is available for a price of 11,350 euros. Price that falls within what is required to be eligible for the Moves II Plan of state aid and its up to 1,300 euros of incentives.

Alrendo TS Bravo.
Aesthetically Alrendo TS Bravo is a very aggressive electric motorcycle.

With this model, and the imminent arrival of the Urbet Lora on the Spanish market, a new category of electric motorcycles opens up in Europe, that of those equivalent to 125 with great autonomy. And it is that, given that the maximum power of the engine does not have to be limited by the nominal power (which has to be a maximum of 11 kW to be able to be classified as 125), the manufacturers are already working on models whose cycle part and aptitudes are very higher than what was usual among 125 motorcycles until now.

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