Wiesmann opens orders for Project Thunderbolt, its luxury electric convertible

Last April, the German company Wiesmann was “reborn” after its recent economic setbacks in recent years, and did so as a 100% electric brand. The first model to arrive has been the so-called Project Thunderbolt, which is presented as the world’s first luxury electric convertible. Now, the exclusive brand has opened the orders to be able to get hold of one of these vehicles.

Wiesmann closed in 2014 after years of agony. In 2016 it was acquired by Roheen Berry, its current owner and promoter of the electric movement within the brand.. Until the arrival of the English businessman, the models sold by Wiesmann made use of V8 engines of BMW origin.

Now, the exclusive German company has opened the order book for all those interested in getting one of these luxury vehicles. Reservations were opened on September 26 through its official website. In order to have one of these electric supercars, it will be necessary to make an initial payment of 3,000 euros, which may be fully reimbursable until the final order is placed and its subsequent personal configuration.

The Wiesmann Project Thunderball is presented as the first luxury electric convertible

Although carrying out the reservation of the model under 3,000 euros in advance payment can be a high cost, the truth is that this is a high-level and very exclusive vehicle. Its retail price starts at 300,000 euros. Through this economic amount, one of the best equipped electric vehicles on the market is acquired, which has a total weight of just 1,700 kilos for a power of 671 CV and 1,100 Nm of maximum torque. This means that the model can catapult from 0 to 100 km/h in just 2.9 seconds.

Thanks to its balanced weight and its good performance, the Wiesmann Project Thunderball presents agility and high dynamics on any type of track. Said weight is distributed in a ratio between axles of 48:52 (front axle and rear axle). It has an 800-volt architecture, which allows it to carry out direct current loads of up to 300 kW and achieve an approved autonomy of 500 kilometers.

Roheen Berry, CEO of Wiesmann, admits that he is really excited about the project, particularly due to the good response from his stakeholders. “Since its introduction in April, we’ve seen an overwhelming response from potential customers,” he said. “Wiesmann not only has a wonderful and storied past and legacy, but also a bright and exciting future ahead”, concluded the manager in his order opening presentation.

Production of the Wiesmann Project Thunderball will take place at the company’s plant, which is located in Dülmen, Germany. Despite having started with reservations of the model, the first units will not reach the hands of their owners until at least the first half of 2024.

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