Why is Ford giving away an adapter to charge a Tesla with the F-150 Lightning?

At the end of May, Ford began to deliver the first units of the F-150 Lightning, the electric pick-up that will become, like its combustion sister, a benchmark in the market. Ford is confident that this vehicle will be a success, especially in the United States and Canada and that is why it has provided it with all the technologies it has been able to. Among them, the function that Allows you to charge other electric vehicles. What is surprising is that Ford has included among the accessories a J1772 connector with which the rest of the vehicles on the market can be loaded and also the one used by Tesla, which is different, and with which only their electric cars can be charged. A marketing strategy, a maneuver to attract attentionWhy has Ford done this?

The first owners who have received a unit of the Ford F-150 Lightning have begun to offer some details of this pick-up, the electric version of one of the most important cars of the American manufacturer. One of those details is related to bidirectional recharge capabilitywhich allows you to send the energy of your battery to the house, to power tools and even to other electric cars.

Ford F-150 lightinig bidirectional charging tesla-interior1
The Ford F-150 Lightning electric pick-up includes bidirectional charging that allows you to send energy from your battery to the home, to power tools and even to other electric cars.

The accessories that Ford has included to be able to use this feature are a cable that connects to the F-150 Lightning and can charge any electric vehicle with a J1772 socket, which is the standard connector in North America. Early Lightning customers get the mobile power cable, the 14-30 to 14-50 adapter (with different amps). With this cable, F-150 Lightning owners can support all electric vehicles currently sold in North America except for Tesla’s.

In the United States, Canada, and Mexico, Tesla employs your own version of J1772. This is a proprietary connector that has been modified so that direct current can also flow through it when the car is connected to a Supercharger. In Europe, and until the arrival of the Model 3, Tesla carried out a similar operation with the standard CCS connector, which it also modified to be able to charge in direct current.

via forum Lightning Owners, one of the pick-up owners discovered that Ford also provides an adapter to recharge Tesla electric cars: “While reviewing the items included in my Lightning, I found an adapter to charge Teslas. An interesting find. If I find any dead Teslas, I’ll let my Ford Lightning rescue them. An adapter was also included to help with all Ford mobile chargers. I guess Ford wants us owners to start a national mobile charging network,” this owner writes on the forum.

Ford F-150 lightinig two-way charging tesla-inside2
This is the photo of the adapter posted by a Lightning Owners forum user.

It is an adapter similar to the one that Tesla sells on its website that has a cost of 50 dollars and that is used by users to charge their electric cars at level 2 charging stations, which have J1772 connectors.

Why does Ford include this adapter? It is an accessory that probably in most cases will never be used. Rare are the situations in which an electric car has to rescue another due to lack of energy in its battery and it will be rarer that, in addition, that car is a Tesla. Its battery capacities, its own charging network and the software that warns that it manages battery energy rarely leave Tesla owners stranded.

However, Ford has decided to include an adapter that costs $50 among the accessories of the F-150 Lightning. It is possible that just be a marketing strategy, which serves for the media to give it relevance. We must not forget that Tesla has the Cybertruck in the oven, an electric pick-up that continues to delay its arrival on the market, so much so that Rivian first and now Ford, have overtaken the Californian manufacturer, which may be losing the advantage that he won when he introduced it.

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