Who has sold more? This is the Top 5 worldwide sales of plug-in cars

Almost without realizing it, we have just entered the month of August. The eighth month of the year serves, in addition to going on vacation, to take a look at the commercial results of the first semester. In the first six months of the year, the evolution of plug-in cars on the world scene was clear. The large automobile groups share the sales, although there are clear winners. This is how the large corporations have divided the cake in the sales of plug-in vehicles during the first half of the year.

With the figures in hand, it is clear that China is becoming the main actor in electric mobility. The Asian country has not only positioned itself as an excellent buyer, but also as a powerful manufacturer and supplier of components. Last year, and for the fifth consecutive year, CATL ended up becoming the world’s largest manufacturer of batteries for electric cars. Sales have skyrocketed in China and around the world. During the first half of the course, more than 7 million plug-in cars have been registered.

The volume of sales is not the only thing that has increased, as the market share of plug-in hybrids and 100% electric vehicles has also increased. A similar case, although on a smaller scale, is the one we live in Spain. During the last month, the BEV sector was the only one that grew, 33% more than the same month last year. The rest of the categories suffered a significant setback, anticipating a more than evident constriction of the market for the coming months.

BYD e-platform 3.0
BYD has made an impressive push in all categories, growing its presence worldwide

Worldwide, most of the sales are shared between five large automobile conglomerates. If we take into account all plug-in models, the winner during the first semester has been BYD with a total of 640,748 units sold, representing a market share of 15.4%. The push given by the Chinese company has been spectacular, managing to overtake the almighty Tesla and the SAIC Group, which has risen to third place on the podium.

Top 5 worldwide plug-in registrations (PHEV+BEV)

  1. BYD: 640,748 registrations (15.4% share)

  2. Tesla: 564,873 registrations (13.6% share)
  3. SAIC Group: 358,040 registrations (8.6% share)
  4. Volkswagen Group: 331,743 registrations (8.0% share)
  5. Geely Volvo: 231,232 registrations (5.6% share)

If we go into the 100% electric category, we see how Tesla continues to firmly dominate the market, although it is losing market share. The entry into the Top 5 of the Hyundai Group stands out, achieving Steal registrations to other large conglomerates such as SAIC. BYD again shows great strength by almost doubling its global share, from 5.5% to 11%.

Top 5 worldwide electrical registrations (BEV)

  1. Tesla: 564,873 registrations (19% share)
  2. BYD: 326,236 registrations (11% share)
  3. SAIC Group: 321,289 registrations (10.8% share)
  4. Volkswagen Group: 216,004 registrations (7.3% share)
  5. Hyundai Group: 167,305 registrations (5.6% share)

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