When will electric and diesel trucks be equally competitive? A study predicts the date

Road freight transport will change in the coming years just as personal transport is changing. Electric trucks are the main commitment of brands, companies and governments. Its advantages are unmatched, and although the costs today are higher, a study affirms that in little more than a decade they will be just as competitive as diesel trucks. A study carried out by the United States Department of Energy itself.

It is not uncommon for news of the launch of a new electric truck or a new technology to accelerate the arrival of sustainable freight transport to happen. While last mile logistics has already taken the step of transformation, the biggest problems arise from medium and heavy vehicles. In these cases, the transition is slower than expected, although everything will change in a few years.

own government source warns that, thanks to continuous improvements in battery, recharge and motor technologies, zero emission vehicles can reach full cost parity with diesel vehicles by 2035, mainly referring to medium and heavy size models. It is also specified that this date is assumed if there are no incentives in the industry, so the transition can be accelerated if companies are encouraged to make the leap based on benefits, either in the purchase or in the tax relief of taxes.

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Electric vehicles could reach 42% of sales, according to the study

If these aids are implemented, the study reveals that by 2030 sales of emission-free vehicles could reach 42%. The study also recognizes that at first it will be medium-sized vehicles that are of most interest to companies, since it estimates that heavier vehicles with a range of less than 800 kilometers will not be equitable in cost until 2035.

Reducing emissions from road freight transport is the goal of many companies and authorities. Although heavy and medium vehicles barely represent a minimal part of total traffic, they are one of the main sources of emissions. The study warns that electric vehicles will not be the only solution for transport, warning that other formats will also end up being profitable for companies.

Although it is noted that electric trucks will be the main bet, in the market we can find units that bet on alternative formats such as hydrogen. It is estimated that in 2030 28% of sales will correspond to electric vehicles and 2% to hydrogen vehicles. The progression will change over the years, estimating sales of 84% electric trucks and 12% hydrogen trucks by 2050. Obviously, for these data to materialize, many things must change, both in technology and in charging infrastructure.

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