We already know the name of the cheapest electric motorcycle that BMW Motorrad will launch

The BMW motorcycle division has recently made a series of patents that have left behind several news, among which is the confirmation of the name of its next electric motorcycle, which will also be the most affordable of its range of models. by batteries, the BMW EC 02.

The registration of BMW has taken place in the patent office of the United States, where in addition to the denomination of the CE 02 has also registered the EC designation 04, as well as a striking design for the cooling system of its electric motorcycles, as it imitates the design of the brand’s iconic boxer engines.

The name of the CE 02 is not a completely new name in BMW Motorrad, since months ago the German firm presented, along with other novelties, the BMW Concept CE 02. It was an urban electric motorcycle with which BMW intends to apply to a younger audience than with the BMW CE 04.

As with every patent made by a manufacturer, a registration of this type does not indicate a necessary commercialization in the end, Well, the intention could simply be to try to prevent another company from using this name, as can happen with the “boxer engine” of days ago.

TVS agreement BMW CE 02 electric motorcycle
TVS agreement BMW CE 02 electric motorcycle

However, with the CE 02 there are several details that suggest that it will probably end up becoming a production model. Among them, the name patented by BMW loses the “concept” appellation of the name, in addition to the deal that BMW made with TVS in order to market more accessible electric motorcycles.

By the time BMW presented the Concept CE 02 to the public, it was shown as a model related to an eminently urban use and that has the youngest as its target audience. This largely marked the design of the motorcycle, which predictably, and as was the case with the Concept CE 04 and which later gave rise to the BMW CE 04, you will translate almost all of your design to the production model.

That is why it is to be expected that if the brand finally ends up marketing a model called BMW CE 02, if it is not an electric scooter, it is probably an electric motorcycle with an urban cut and a futuristic appearance, just as the model that accompanies these images.

Details of the conceptual CE 02.
Details of the conceptual CE 02.

By the time it was introduced, BMW was announcing that the Concept CE 02 was equipped with a central electric motor rated at 11 kW (14.75 hp) with which he should reach his 90 km/h top speed quickly.

About its battery, the brand did not give any data, but according to the 90 kilometers Theoreticians who did announce that it can travel based on the WTMC cycle, it is expected that the capacity will be in the environment of between 5 and 8 kWh.

If it ends up becoming a reality, and given the benefits of the conceptual model and putting them in context with the BMW CE 04, it is expected that the CE 02 will significantly lower its price compared to its sister in the range, which starts at 12,050 euros.

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