We already know the autonomy and price of Striemo, Honda’s three-wheeled electric scooter

A few days ago Honda presented Striemo Inc. in Spain, a new company dedicated to urban mobility that was born from the hand of Striemo, a electric scooter of three wheel assisted balance, but they did it without hardly giving any information related to the scooter. Now, and thanks to the Japanese division of Striemo, we have been able to learn more about this striking electric scooter, including its price, which makes it an unaffordable solution.

By the time Honda introduced it a few days ago, it was defined as a three-wheeled one-person electric micromobility product, and Honda says it has taken its experience in the field of motorcycle development to develop a solution to be marketed globally.

Although it is true that at the moment they have not given any specific technical details, such as battery capacity or power, the American division of Honda has specified that the Striemo will have a range of 30 kilometers on a full charge. A distance that for the bulk of urban users should be more than enough.

In terms of power or maximum speed, and if Honda wants it to be marketed in Europe as the single-person electric micromobility product that it intends, must have a maximum speed less than or equal to 25 kilometers per hour to adapt to the regulations of personal mobility vehicles. Otherwise it will be classified as a moped, with all that this entails.


Although it is not a light product, since it weighs 20 kilos, Striemo has devised an easy folding system that, by means of a handle, allows it to be easily moved wherever it is not possible to roll on the scooter, such as inside subway stations, commercials, etc.

The most striking feature of the Striemo is, without a doubt, its balance assist system. And the fact is that if Honda wants its product to revolutionize the urban mobility segment, it has to make it reach all types of audiences and make it easy and safe to ride with it.

Honda says that thanks to this innovative system, the Striemo’s center of gravity is just 1 millimeter high. This is thanks to the Striemo makes use of a dynamic structure that is articulated around two parts that swing together. On the one hand, the rear wheels and the platform on which the user stands make up a group, while the front section is the one that will provide greater stability to the whole, since the mast can rotate on its base to tilt up to approximately 45 degrees.

All this display of technology, however, comes at a price, and is far from what we are used to seeing in Europe. Striemo has launched a pre-series print run of 300 units in Japan for a price of 260,000 yen, which translates to almost 1,850 euros at current exchange rates. Its arrival in Europe is scheduled for 2023, and when it is marketed in Spain it will have a price similar to the 1,850 euros it costs at the exchange rate in Japan..

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