Volvo to build a battery factory for its heavy electric vehicles

Electric trucks from Volvo Trucks are beginning to be used on the roads of northern Europe. With multiple developments underway, the future sounds very promising for the heavy vehicle division. In the coming years we will see the launch of new units, with ever greater features and capacities. In this situation of great demand, Volvo plans to build a battery factory that does not make it dependent on third parties. A very interesting strategy for which you are looking for partners.

The point is that the Swedish brand is not the first time it has raised something like this. A few months ago, in May of this year, Volvo opened its first battery assembly center for electric trucks. Located in the city of Ghent, Belgium, the facility is responsible for assembling battery packs for their quick installation on the current range of electric heavy-duty vehicles: Volvo FH, Volvo FM and Volvo FMX. The manufacturing capacity will vary depending on the demand, although the plans contemplate a great penetration of the market.

The figures that Volvo is considering for 2030 is that 50% of the trucks sold in the world will be electric. The year 2040 is the horizon that the Swedes have set to be a carbon neutral company. This strategy implies a great dependency in terms of battery manufacturing, and hence Volvo plans to open a second assembly facility, but this time in Sweden, in the city of Mariestad, in the province of Skaraborgs. A choice that has largely depended on the proximity to the Volvo Group’s main powertrain plant in Skövde.

PHOTO - Volvo electric trucks can be equipped with up to six battery packs of 90 kWh each
Up to six battery packs of 90 kWh capacity each

The dates given by the company indicate a gradual increase in production until the year 2030. It is estimated that by the end of the decade the plant will reach its highest manufacturing capacity, although the exact estimated volume figures are yet to be determined. As in Belgium, Volvo is looking for a partner with which to start the journey. A large battery manufacturer supplying essential components and elements. In the factory in Ghent it is Samsung SDI that provides the cells.

It is logical that Samsung SDI is the main collaborator in the new plant, although at the moment the leadership of the Volvo Group has not revealed information about it. Its president and CEO, Martin Lundstedt, has been enthusiastic about the project: “There is already a strong demand from our customers and, by 2030, our ambition is that at least 35% of the products we sell will be electric. This increase will require large volumes of high-performance batteries, produced with fossil-free energy, and is a logical next step for us to include battery production in our future industrial footprint.”

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