Volvo starts sales of its heavy-duty electric trucks: FH, FM and FMX

Volvo Trucks has officially opened its order book for its new heavy-duty electric truck models. There have been many occasions that the Swedish company itself has released communications on the progress in the development of its aforementioned “zero emissions” models, however, it has not been until now when have been able to complete their gestation phase and open themselves to requests from their potential customers.

Today, the aforementioned category of heavy-duty electric models is made up of three series: FH, FM and FMX. Each one of them with its particularities, capacities and specifications to make them more optimal for certain types of clients. From Volvo they have already opened the order book officially and massively; however, in 2021 these procedures were already initiated for certain standard customers, and thanks to which they obtained more than 1,100 official orders for their electric trucks in more than 20 countries around the globe. Another “generous amount” of letters of intent to purchase could be added to this total, so the final number of interested parties would be much higher.

These new electric trucksthey will start mass production from next fall with a small initial circulation that will grow gradually over the months. This will be carried out on the plant that Volvo Trucks owns in Tuve, Gothenburg, which enjoys the certificate of zero carbon emissions thanks to the use of environmentally friendly manufacturing methods, as well as taking the necessary energy via renewable methods.

These are the FH, FM and FMX series
The new models for sale are the FH, FM and FMX series.

As confirmed by Roger Alm himself, president of Volvo Trucks, the order book is open to a significant number of customers potentially interested in acquiring these models. This is a great milestone for the Swedish trucking company, which little by little sees its goal of being a totally carbon-neutral firm getting closer.

But this is not the first time that we see how Volvo Trucks launches a series of electric trucks for sale, because last year 2021 they already started with the deliveries of their medium trucks, which are dominated by the FE, FL and VNR series, which are currently mass-produced. Among the European markets where these variants have the best share are Norway, Sweden and Germany. Thanks to these, and to the rest of the countries where they have a more timid level of sales, Volvo Trucks is by its own merits the European market leader for electric truckswhere it gained a 42% market share in 2021. For North America they also present generous sales estimates.

Throughout this year, Volvo Trucks will have a total of six electric trucks on the market, thus positioning itself as the company with the most complete range of these vehicles in the entire industry. Once this is effective, its range of models will cover all types of customers and situations, from urban distribution through light-cut models, to regional transport itself thanks to its heavy-duty trucks. The company’s focus is currently located in that half of its total sales will be electric vehicles by 2030.

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