Volvo reveals presentation date for electric successor to Volvo XC90

The days of the Volvo XC90 as we know it are numbered. Volvo is finalizing the development of its new flagship, the replacement for the XC90, the new Volvo Embla. A model that will be presented this year with a completely new design philosophy for the brand, a change in the way the models are called and an important step forward in technology.

The new Volvo Embla will be presented at the last quarter of 2022, as confirmed by those responsible for Volvo. The replacement for the Volvo XC90 will be the first model in a new generation of cars at Volvo, with design inspired by the Volvo Concept Recharge and self-driving technology that will rely on LiDAR. Of course, the new Embla will have an electric version.

Volvo wants to sell 600,000 electric cars from 2025 and the Embla will lay the foundation of what will come after. Although the Embla will not be the model with the highest volume, we cannot ignore that the XC90 is currently Volvo’s third best-selling model (6.5% of its sales worldwide correspond to the XC90). The successor to the XC90 will continue to be the brand’s flagship, the technological benchmark and the first Volvo with a radically different design philosophy. Although it will continue to be classified as an SUV, it will have a more aerodynamic body, somewhat lower and longer than current SUVs.

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The Volvo Concept Recharge previewed the new design philosophy that the Embla will use.

Despite the change in the exterior design, inside it will continue betting on space and practicality to give “scandinavian living room feel”, according to brand managers. The Volvo Embla will sport a minimalist design and focus on sustainability, with a high proportion of recycled and natural materials such as wool. The aim is to reduce the total environmental impact of each car. Logically, the most futuristic features of the concept will be softened in the production car, such as the four independent seats or the absence of a B-pillar. The multimedia system, increasingly important to the user, will have the google operating system which is already used in the XC40 Recharge and in the Polestar 2.

The successor to the XC90 will use the new SPA2 platform, that could serve as the basis for hybrid and fully electric cars. Despite not being an exclusively electric platform, the Volvo Embla will offer a flat floor in the cabin. there will be a fully electric versionalthough data on its autonomy, the capacity of its battery or the power of the set are not yet known.

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The successor to the XC90 will have a fully electric version.

Nor will there be a lack of authentic technological deployment in terms of autonomous driving, with a autonomous driving level 3 which will allow the Volvo Embla to be “driven” without any supervision under certain circumstances. The system, called Ride Pilot, will use a LiDAR sensor, as well as five other radars, eight cameras and sixteen ultrasonic sensors to visualize the car’s surroundings.

Its presentation has been confirmed for the end of this year but the exact date of its market launch is still unknown. The successor to the XC90 will be the first to use a name instead of an alphanumeric designation. Volvo hasn’t officially confirmed the ‘Embla’ name, which we learned about from a leak last year after Volvo filed an application for this name with the European Union Intellectual Property Office. Embla is the name of the first woman in Norse mythologya symbol that could be representative of what this model means for Volvo in the future.

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