Volvo increases sales of its electric before a catastrophic April

Volvo has been able to play the role of its new electrified models in a remarkable way, which are presented as a premium product and with more than outstanding specifications. Precisely for these reasons, and despite the decrease in general sales figures during the month of April, Volvo’s electrified cars have increased their percentage of registrations during this periodsurpassing 2021 by 18.7% in general terms of total sales.

During the month of April we were able to see how the total sales and registration count in Spain presented some of the worst figures in recent years, showing a total decrease of 12.1% compared to the previous month. However, electric and electrified cars saw their figures increase by 33.2% when compared to the same period last year, 2021.

Volvo, for its part, and despite the low figures achieved in Spain on the general automobile market, the Swedish firm has managed to register a total of 47,150 vehicles worldwide during the mentioned period of the month of April. This represents a general decrease in sales of 24.8% compared to April 2021. However, the models with the Recharge surname have come out stronger and already stand out with a systematic increase in sales.

During the month of April, Volvo Cars electric and electrified models increased their sales by 18.7%, worldwide, compared to the same period of the previous year. These “zero emissions” models represent a total of 38.4% of the total sales executed by the Swedeswhich are more than interesting figures for a market that is definitely positioned on the rise. Pure electric models reached a share of 10% with respect to the total.

PHOTO - Despite poor overall figures, the Recharge models win the game
Despite poor overall figures, the Recharge models win the game.

In the period between January and April 2022, a total of 195,445 fewer vehicles were carried out than in the same period of 2021. This has meant a deterioration in its total percentage of 21.3% in a matter of one year. According to statements from the Swedish company itself, the significant confinements suffered by the Chinese population during the month of April have made a significant dent in global sales quotas, as well as in the component manufacturing and supply rates themselves.

Especially on this, Volvo Cars already reported at the end of March that they were encountering significant supply problems due to the shortage of a specific type of semiconductor, something that has ended up having an impact on the sales, production and deliveries of its models during the first month of this second. trimester. As they have been able to confirm from the supply company, this has been a specific problem which has already been corrected for the following months of this current quarterly period.

Focusing on the total sales garnered by Volvo in Europe, we find a devaluation of 23.2% of its total registrations, compared to the same month of 2021, reaching a total of 19,822 units delivered. As for the Recharge models, these have obtained a share of 51.4% of the total sales made in the region during the month of April.

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