Volta presents the 7.5 and 12 tonne variants of its electric truck, the Volta Zero

Volta Trucks has already unveiled its smaller variants of the electric truck, specifically those of tared included in 7.5 and 12 tons. These new sizes will join the original model already presented that stopped the scale at 16 tons, although a new 18-ton variant will also arrive that will do the same from the year 2023.

Volta Trucks arrived on the market with the clear conviction of presenting an entirely new model that is much more functional and practical than the bulk of electric trucks hitherto known. Its driving position is located in the center of the cabin itself and, due to the total absence of thermal mechanics, the driver sits very low, where his height of vision will be just 1.8 meters. This is of radical importance, since it positions the driver practically at the height of an average pedestrian, something that, together with its enormous glass surface, provides a much more generous peripheral vision of everything that surrounds the vehicle.

Many were the potential customers interested in the concept that was presented in the Volta Zero, however, a large part of these interested parties also asked the company to launch new and smaller models for much more agile use in the city, although they also there were those who asked for a model even larger than the one originally presented. The Swedish firm listened to all these potential clients and last January announced the arrival of new variants larger and smaller.

Possibly the most anticipated is the 7.5-tonne one, for a more specific and agile use in the city
Possibly the most anticipated is the 7.5-tonne one, for a more specific and agile use in the city

In terms of main aesthetics, the two new size variants they look practically identical to the 16 ton model we already know. The most substantial change when it comes to differentiating one variant from another will be the length of the vehicle itself, since the wheelbase decreases considerably.

These two new body variants will start with your tests to potential customers from the year 2024; a year later, in 2025, it will be when they go into production, executing that same year the first deliveries to the owners who have already paid the reservation of any of them.

Although it may seem like a long time until the 7.5 and 12 tonne variants hit the market, the truth is that Volta Trucks calendar is really full, because this same 2022 will be when the production and delivery of the original 16-ton model begins. Once this has settled, in 2023 the manufacture of the model located above it will begin, which has a tare weight of 18 tonswhile from 2024 the brand will pour all its potential into smaller variants.

At the moment there are no known technical data on the mechanics that the new smaller body variants will install, so we could presumably assume that these will host the same specifications as the 16-tonne model, although by reducing its size and weight, we could expect an improvement in electric range of these vehicles, thus exceeding the 200 kilometers approved by the original variant.

We were already able to see the Volta Zero live, where we could see its enormous technological content, such as its rear-view mirrors with cameras or its 360-degree bird’s-eye view, as well as its innovative driving position. We will be able to see it circulate through the streets of Madrid from 2023.

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