Volkswagen’s “electric GTIs” receive more standard equipment and Plug & Charge charging

Staying up-to-date is a maxim that the automotive industry does not ignore. Despite his young age, The Volkswagen ID.4 and ID.5 GTX have just received the first update of their lives. A small revision of equipment that adds to new details and color combinations. All this to continue to remain attractive to customers given the high rival offer that is more present every day. Incidentally, Volkswagen confirms that each new ID will have its corresponding GTX version, sports version.

The Volkswagen ID.4 and Volkswagen ID.5 have only been on the market for a few months. The ID.4 was born in 2021, while the ID.5 has not made an appearance until this year. None of that matters for what Volkswagen has decided to review the sportiest versions of each model. Aesthetically speaking, the truth is that the changes are difficult to identify. The red-black combination, widely used in competition, is added to the chromatic offer in order to enhance the sporty character of both models.

Volkswagen ID4 GTX.

Where improvements and more forceful innovations can be guessed is in the interior. From now on Volkswagen will offer more standard equipment for the ID.4 and ID.5 GTX. Until now, the optional Comfort and Design packages are added to the standard offer, which means including such interesting elements as the climate comfort windshield, darkened windows, heated front seats, two USB-C sockets, variable center console, and dual-zone climate control with stationary air conditioning. (In Spain part of these elements are already included as standard).

As in the bodywork, the interior also receives the presence of a greater number of black finishes. Dashboard and door panels can be chosen in black with red stitching to emphasize the electric sportsmanship, arriving said personalized finish at the wheel. In everything else, the ID.4 and ID.5 GTX remain as they were, offering excellent levels of habitability and a large cargo space. The only thing missing is the addition to the standard equipment of the heat pump heating system.

Interior of the Volkswagen ID4 GTX.

Mechanically speaking, there are no news either. GTX models offer two electric motors, one on each axle with aa power of 299 horses and a total torque of 460 Nm. Both motors are powered by a 77 kWh capacity lithium-ion battery that with which the Volkswagen ID.4 GTX is capable of homologating up to 500 kilometers of autonomy, up to 512 kilometers in the case of the Volkswagen ID.5 GTX. Thanks to fast charging systems of up to 135 kW, both models can recover from 5 to 80% of the battery in just 36 minutes.

Regarding the load, yes it is worth mentioning the novelty of the Plug & Charge function that will also be available on GTX models, allowing the process to be faster and easier. In terms of prices, Volkswagen has announced that the ID.4 GTX has a starting price of 53,255 euros, while the ID.5 GTX is offered from 56,455 euros. Prices stipulated for the German market, prices that will be significantly higher for Spain.

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