Volkswagen will sell more electric cars than Tesla by 2024, and they are not the ones saying it

Since its foray into the electric car market, the Volkswagen Group, like so many other automobile companies, has always had its sights set on surpassing Tesla in the sales ranking. This vision could become a reality in the coming years, as Bloomberg Intelligence has recently published a report predicting such a fact. Specifically, this study speaks of a reorganization at the top of the pyramid of electric vehicle manufacturers, which Tesla is currently dominating.

This aforementioned pyramid of manufacturers currently has Tesla, the Volkswagen Group and BYD as the most important trio in sales of electric cars worldwide. This report forecasts an advance in the registrations of these vehicles until the year 2025where the number of deliveries will be significantly increased, as well as the order of the most relevant brands in this regard will be altered.

According to the study, the Volkswagen Group has already managed to reap a greater number of sales of electric cars in Europe than Tesla, so sorpasso is already a fact in the old continent. This overtaking has been verified after the German group has registered more than 310,000 vehicles compared to 170,000 of the North American company.

This strong presence of Volkswagen in Europe contrasts sharply with the figures presented in the United States, where Tesla achieves triple registrations; nevertheless, The plans of the Volkswagen Group are to become the number one manufacturer of electric cars worldwide.

In the graph you can see how the Volkswagen Group will take the lead in the number of electric car registrations from the year 2024, thus surpassing the current number one, Tesla. In addition to these two manufacturers, BYD will remain the third largest manufacturer in the world, followed by General Motors, Changan and Geely. Looking ahead to the year 2025, all this will take a significant turn and position the Volkswagen Group, Tesla and BYD on the podium; from there they will continue Ford, Changan, General Motors, Stellantis, Geely, Mercedes-Benz and, finally, Toyota.

The infographic published by Bloomberg details a significant increase in sales of electric cars worldwide copy
The infographic published by Bloomberg details a significant increase in sales of electric cars worldwide.

The entire production of electric cars of the Volkswagen Group is exhausted by 2022, and deliveries are already being postponed until the beginning of next year, according to data provided by the automobile group itself to Bloombergalthough this could also be due to lack of supplies and their corresponding delay in delivery times.

Recall that Tesla has already presented record sales levels for the year 2021, where it was very close to crossing the million car barrier (936,222 units, specifically). Thanks to this, the North American firm was able to climb a total of 35 positions on the Fortune 500 list, which was published a few weeks ago. The report published by Bloomberg also speaks of a significant increase in the share of electric car sales worldwide, where it would go from the current 6% to 15% in 2025. This, to a greater extent, will be attributed to increasing registrations in both Europe and China; The United States, for its part, would occupy the third place in terms of relevance of sales.

Finally, the report also shows a significant jump by Ford. The American manufacturer would position itself in fourth place in 2025, although its tendency will be to exponentially increase its sales throughout the remainder of the decade. In its long-term plans, Ford is positioned first in sales of electric cars worldwide, something that is still far away since it only markets two electric models, the Ford Mustang Mach-E and Ford F-150 Lightning, although new “zero emission” models will arrive in the coming months.

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