Volkswagen will offer autonomous driving under subscription service

The German firm will begin charging a monthly or annual subscription for certain technological advances related to autonomous driving or the comfort of its occupants. Volkswagen thus joins what was presented by other companies such as Mercedes and the rear-wheel drive in the EQS. In this way they intend to explore new business methods that are interesting both for them and for their own clients.

From Volkswagen they believe that evolving the software system will be essential to improve the way in which customers interact with their vehicles. For this reason, they believe that the evolution of screens or hardware systems could stop evolving at the rate it has done so far to focus on the artificial intelligence itself that said system presents. At Volkswagen they see their software as a true product of the future.

On large screens and with its own advanced software, Tesla was a pioneering brand. Nevertheless, from Volkswagen they believe that the true future lies in the programming of the system itselfand to advance this, the German firm’s board believes that the most convenient thing will be to start presenting subscription services for certain amenities, especially within the field of autonomous driving.

To create the new software with which to monetize certain functions, a new division called Caryadwhere its top manager, Dirk Hilgenberg, said in a recent interview with Bloomberg that “there is a new business model based on subscription or function on demand”. The CEO of Cariad mentions the relevance of this advance in pursuit of achieving real and complete autonomous driving. “You can drive autonomously if you want for the next 100 kilometers”said the manager to position himself on the issue that almost no one will reject this opportunity.

During his speech, the CEO of Cariad continued to express his enthusiasm for this advance, even more so if it offers its users the power to relax, read, work or even sleep during the journey from point A to point B. However, Hilgenberg also placed special emphasis on the importance of integrating other third-party servicesespecially within the information and entertainment sector.

In this, companies such as Google, Apple or Amazon have a very relevant weight, since these companies present their own information and entertainment technologies for its occupants. “We need to make sure we have what we call a digital services platform to allow the outside world in.” The CEO affirms that the ability to work with office services, make video calls or prepare for a meeting will be of vital importance when it comes to wanting to present an autonomous driving service in their vehicles.

His vision is that of be able to take advantage of the time previously spent driving. This is something that Tesla, for its part, has been promising its users for years with advanced FSD (Full Selt Driving) technology. However, Volkswagen and Cariad do not hide their concern about the possibility that users are not willing to pay for a monthly subscription service, which is why they want to wait until the autonomous driving system is really advanced to launch it on the market. market and that, in this way, the welcome is much more generous.

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