Volkswagen stops production of the ID. Electric Buzz due to battery problems

The Volkswagen ID.Buzz is one of the most anticipated models in the German firm’s electric range, as it is presented as the spiritual rebirth of the mythical Volkswagen T1. Despite the many praises received from all related sectors, the brand’s directive has been forced to stop the production of this electric van due to certain problems related to the manufacturing quality of your batterywhich notably affects the normal development of the Hannover factory where its production is carried out.

Volkswagen confirmed the arrival of this model more than two years ago, but it was not until last March when all the specifications and final aesthetics of the vehicle were officially communicated, with signs of starting production in June. All this was fulfilled to the letter, however certain problems have led to a stop in its production that could take “a few weeks”, although this is a fact that remains to be confirmed by Volkswagen.

As published by the local newspaper Hanoversche Allgemeine Zeitungcertain cells of the batteries appear to present a significant deficit in terms of objective performance. The result of this directly leads to a decrease in the electrical performance of the model, both in its autonomy and in the useful life of its mechanics. The Volkswagen brand itself has confirmed that have located certain deficiencies during the many quality checks carried out and that this eventuality derives directly from its battery supplier, to which it did not provide more concise details in this regard until the full extent of this inconvenience was determined.

This problem only affects the production of the ID.Buzz in Hannover
This problem only affects the production of the ID.Buzz in Hannover

However, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles has confirmed that the battery supplier itself is already working on its storage systems to put an end to this misfortune which significantly affects the estimated delivery times by Volkswagen. To date, the German firm has been able to manufacture around 500 units of its ID.Buzz, although none have yet been delivered to their respective customers.

About this altercation and as confirmed by a Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles spokesperson to the media electricity, none of the other electric models sold by the brand have been affected by these poor battery cellsalthough the ID.Buzz installs the same 77 kWh capacity component as other electrics from the firm, such as the ID.3, ID.4 and ID.5. “This is a brand new battery from a different vendor and is currently only used in the ID.Buzz”confirmed said spokesman. “For this reason, only the production in Hannover is affected, but not that of other factories.” However, the same spokesman also admitted that this same battery does exist the possibility that it will be installed soon in other electric models mentioned above.

from own brand they have not wanted to reveal the name of the company that supplied this defective battery, mainly to keep it anonymous until, at least, the problem detected in its component is resolved. Let us remember that Volkswagen aspires to assemble around 15,000 units of the ID.Buzz Pro and ID.Buzz Cargo this same 2022, and that by the next 2023 they aspire to increase their circulation to 130,000 vehicles per year on the same factory in Hannover.

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