Volkswagen sows doubt with the latest teaser of the electric car that it will manufacture in Spain

The Volkswagen ID.2 will be the electric car that SEAT will manufacture for the German firm in Spain, and it will do so together with the model derived from the CUPRA Urbanrebel and the electric car that Skoda announced this Friday. Nevertheless, Volkswagen does not give clear signs regarding the exterior aesthetics of what will be its most affordable electric car, since in the last image that advances its design, the Germans have shown a style that derives from the ID.3 and company instead of the ID. Life.

The German firm presented Volkswagen ID. Life as a preview of the model in question. It is a conceptual car that intended to advance the lines of the model that in 2026 will enter the production lineand that when it was presented months ago it surprised locals and strangers, since it completely broke with the design language of the latest electric cars launched by Volkswagen on the market.

And it is that the designers of Volkswagen took with the ID. Life the same path in terms of design philosophy as with the ID. Buzz. Ultimately, a vintage design than in the ID. Life, in addition, was marked by square proportions that sand contrast with the rounded proportions and soft lines that we have been able to see in the ID.3, ID.4 and ID.5. In fact, even the ID. Buzz is shown to be closer to the design of Volkswagen passenger cars than the ID itself. Life.

Volkswagen ID.3 and Volkswagen ID.  Life.
Volkswagen ID.3 (top) and Volkswagen ID. Life (below).

Months after the presentation of the ID. Life an unidentified source from the company released the news that, finally, the ID.2 would not have the retro design that the conceptual model advanced, even pointing to a radically different design from that seen in the ID. Life. Sentence that however was denied from Volkswagen itself to the Auto Motor und Sport medium.

Now, with Volkswagen making public the image that heads this article, the brand sows doubt again As for the design of which, by the time it is presented in 2025, it will be its most affordable electric car.

SEAT and Skoda, for their part, are being clearer and more concise in terms of the design of the electric cars that, like the ID.2, will be based on the MEB Small platform that the Spanish manufacturer has developed.

The three electric car models that the Volkswagen Group will manufacture in Spain.
The three electric car models that the Volkswagen Group will manufacture in Spain.

It is true that Skoda has not yet shown a conceptual model for the future urban car, but they have released the name of the design language that they will execute to outline the lines of their model; ModernSolid. Sentence that they have later accompanied with the first image that they have advanced relative to their model.

The SEAT model will arrive under the CUPRA brand, and the CEO of both firms has confirmed that with respect to the CUPRA Urbenrebel, we can expect the production model to lose the spoiler and other aesthetic resources typical of racing cars and prototypes to see the production model.

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