Volkswagen plans a new electric brand, Scout, focused on electric SUVs

Times change and you have to adapt to them. Volkswagen is very focused on its path for the coming years. Electric cars are the central axis of this new direction, although the Germans propose different strategies depending on the country. The United States has been the dream longed for by Volkswagen. A vast market to conquer that can now become a center of vital importance thanks to the electric car. Such is so Volkswagen could be planning the formation of a new brand for the United States.

In the last year we have witnessed the birth and presentation of numerous electric pick-ups. Americans love trucks above almost anything. A nascent market like that of electric trucks has caused several earthquakes in the industry. The Rivian R1T was the first to arrive, but it is no longer the only one. Hummer EV, Ford F-150 Lightning and Chevrolet Silverado EV are just a small sample of what is already or is to come. And within that category Volkswagen wants to stand up to new models.

For years, rumors have spread of the launch of the Scout brand by Volkswagen. Brand that would be named after the iconic International Harvester Scout. A company within the family that wants to position itself in the purest Rivian style. As rumors say, the Germans could launch two models under the new division: an SUV and a pick-up, both, as we have already said, with exclusively electrical mechanics. The sources collect that the launch is pending the approval of the board of directors of Volkswagen, which is evaluating the cost and benefits of such a radical position.

Just a few days ago, Volkswagen confirmed the arrival of an electric pick-up for the American market. The Volkswagen Amarok will have a 100% electrified version that will also be sold in the United States. A shared development with Ford will give the Germans the ability to learn from one of the greatest experts What’s in the country of hamburgers. However, those from Wolfsburg know that this will not be enough, since in the United States a pick-up the size of the Amarok has hardly any commercial relevance.

The approach is to launch a large SUV, similar to or slightly higher than the Volkswagen Touareg, and a larger pick-up than the Amarok. Although everything is possible, the doubt arises about the development, because as is already known, Volkswagen has needed Ford to carry out the development of the Amarok. At the moment nothing else is known. Everything is pending the decision, but it is known that the initial investment would be 100 million with a production start date in 2026. Soon we will surely leave doubts.

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