Volkswagen ID.4 Pro 4Motion: the electric SUV adds another all-wheel drive version

Until now, the Volkswagen ID.4 electric range had a couple of rear-wheel drive versions and the ID.4 GTX version, with all-wheel drive and more performance. The 4×4 option was relegated to the spicier version, but Volkswagen has decided to expand the range with the Volkswagen ID.4 Pro 4Motiona second all-wheel drive version based on the Pro Performance.

The Wolfsburg brand adds another all-wheel drive version to the range of its best-selling electric model, the ID.4. The idea is not to make an ID.4 for off-road, but to offer a version that provides a plus of traction in conditions of wet asphalt, snow or ice without having to go to the ID.4 GTX, more expensive, more powerful and with a somewhat more striking aesthetic.

The ID.4 Pro 4Motion is based on the rear-wheel drive Pro Performance that we already knew, but adds a second electric motor on the front axle. This new version offers 265 horsepower (61 hp more than the rear-wheel drive ID.4 Pro) and is exclusively associated with the larger battery, with 77 kWh of usable capacity. The rear motor remains the main drive: it is a permanent magnet synchronous motor with a maximum power of 204 hp (150 kW). The electric motor of the front axle is an asynchronous machine and has a power of 109 CV (80 kW).

The Volkswagen ID.4 Pro 4Motion has all-wheel drive and 265 hp

The performance improves significantly compared to the 204 hp version and rear-wheel drive, staying closer to the GTX. The Volkswagen ID.4 Pro 4Motion does the 0-100km/h in 6.9 seconds and reaches 180 km/h top speed, just like the GTX (the rear-wheel drive is limited to 160 km/h).

homologate a autonomy of 517 kilometers in combined cycle and up to 648 kilometers in the city, both data under the WLTP protocol, with a combined electricity consumption of 17 kWh/100 km. Like the other ID.4 models, the maximum fast-charging power is 135 kW, thanks to which it can recharge from 5 to 80 percent in 36 minutes.

There is another important difference that many clients will surely appreciate. And it is that, thanks to the all-wheel drive system, the maximum weight that the ID.4 Pro 4Motion can tow increases by 200 kilograms compared to the Pro Performance version, being able to tow up to 1,400 kilos for a slope of 8% (trailer with brake).

This new all-wheel drive version is already on pre-sale in Germany with a price of 49,020 euros. Its price in Spain, taking into account the positioning of the range, should be between 53,000 and 54,000 euros (pending confirmation by Volkswagen). Recall that the ID.4 Pro Performance with 204 hp and rear-wheel drive costs 50,395 euros in Spain, while the ID.4 GTX is priced at 57,070 euros.

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