Volkswagen hangs the complete sign: the production of its electric cars is already sold

What could well be considered a great success can also be tinged with drama. Volkswagen already has all the electric production assigned for this year, and we have barely reached the middle of the course. If you are looking for any member of the ID family be prepared to wait a few months before receiving your electric car. Delivery dates are already extended until 2023.

During the last press conference of the analysis of the results of the first quarter, the leadership of Volkswagen was delighted with the excellent financial results. Despite having reduced deliveries and production, the profit margin has been higher than ever. The company’s coffers are overflowing, although there are major problems ahead regarding the production capacity of its brand new electric fleet.

“We have extremely high incoming orders, significantly higher than in 2021. We are basically out of stock in Europe and the US for this year.” So with these words, The head of the Volkswagen Group, Herbert Diess, has announced that production will not be able to meet the demanding expectations of customers. A death of success to which a solution will have to be found, as many customers will not be willing to wait a year to receive their brand new electric car from Wolfsburg.

Volkswagen has sold all the production of electric ID models scheduled for 2022.

The situation of the markets is causing, once again, strong havoc in the motor community. The pandemic, the lack of components and the increase in energy prices are causing assembly lines to be affected in their production capacity. There are fewer and more expensive cars. This is the difficult situation in which brands and customers find themselves, who end up paying the consequences with an excessive delay and an exaggerated price increase.

Volkswagen is making bobbin lace to square production. In recent days strong rumors have emerged of a restructuring of the assembly lines. Models like the newborn ID. Buzz could divert part of their production to other countries such as the United States. The European instability and the occasional closures of the factories in China have been a serious problem that has caused that all the production of 2022 has already been sold.

More models in the future

Beyond the delays, Volkswagen is not going to release pressure on the accelerator of the change. The electric range, the ID family, will continue to grow in the coming months and years. The ID. Buzz will be the next to circulate on our roads. It will be joined by launches as important as the GTX versions of the Volkswagen ID.3 and ID.4, in addition to the long-awaited Volkswagen Aero B, which should revolutionize the family with its new platform and a cutting-edge technological offer with more than 700 kilometers of autonomy. . The future promises, but the cars have to keep reaching customers.

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