Volkswagen GEN.TRAVEL, the electric and autonomous “car” that anticipates the future

The Volkswagen Group has just shown the world what its perception of the mobility of the future is. The conceptual model called Volkswagen GEN TRAVEL It has just been unveiled and will be officially presented during the next Paris Motor Show in mid-October. This vehicle is shown as a new category of vehicle that combines sedan and minivan bodieswhich the German firm has included in its new “New Auto” strategy that defines mobility for future generations: “sustainable and digital” mobility.

The GEN.TRAVEL is presented as a new breakthrough in all terms: design, technology and interior habitability. On the outside, a cabin of enormous dimensions and very particular and personal shapes stand out. Its front is completely straight and inserts some headlights in the form of “E” with daytime running lights and low beams. In the center, the absence of some well-known logo stands out; Instead, the vehicle makes use of the “Volkswagen Group” writing, presenting itself as a model developed jointly in the automotive conglomerate.

The aesthetics of GEN.TRAVEL is completely personal

The profile presents angular shapes and an almost absolute prominence of its huge wheels. In this view you can clearly differentiate the lower part of the model, which is, mainly, where the entire mobility mechanism is housed. A second space is framed by the booth itself, where the glazing is almost total and its forms determine a completely spacious interior habitability.

Finally, its rear has shapes very similar to that of the front, but it replaces its headlights in favor of LED light lines, one crossing the entire width of the car and two smaller ones at the ends. In the center you can also see the logo of the Volkswagen Group and a spoiler inserted into the roof drop itself.

The cabin of the GEN.TRAVEL has enormous glazing

The cabin is accessed through two large doors with a “gull wing” opening. The interior space can be configured as best suits the client. With capacity for two, three or four passengers, its seats can be two large electronically adjustable seats that can also be converted into beds. Also you can also create an interior space in the form of a living roomby placing a table in the center.

The possibilities are many. However, one of the elements that most attracts attention is its dashboard. In it, the steering wheel is completely dispensed with and a panoramic screen is located where you can see information related to time, time or even be able to watch a movie. To increase the feeling of comfort on board, the GEN.TRAVEL makes use of eABC active suspension (Active Body Control Electric) that calculates the movements of the vehicle in order to subtract the effect on its occupants. The coating of the entire interior space is made from recycled materials.

The configuration of the passenger compartment is customizable and it does not have controls with which to steer the vehicle, since it has total autonomous driving

On its mechanics, from the Volkswagen Group they have confirmed that It is a battery electric vehicle., although they have not given more details about it. One of his great attributes will be his complete level 5 autonomous drivingthanks to which its occupants will not have to worry about anything beyond settling inside.

Of course, this is not a model that is expected to hit the market, as it is simply presented as a design exercise by the car group. His first public debut will be at the Chantilly Concours d’Elegance, which will be held near Paris on September 24. Later it will also be exhibited at the Paris Motor Show.

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