Volkswagen expands the recharging network of its electric cars and applies fixed rates per kWh

The Volkswagen Group has launched a new charging and energy campaign for four of its brands: Volkswagen, Seat, Cupra and Skoda. The new offer will be based on rates that include fixed prices for each kWh recharged and in a network recharge expanded throughout Europe. The charging service will be offered through the different platforms used by each brand for their respective electric cars: We Charge for Volkswagen, Easy Charging for Seat and Cupra and Powerpass for Skoda.

The expansion of the Volkswagen Group’s recharging network will make available to its customers more than 310,000 charging points throughout Europa including around 10,000 fast chargerss (from 50 KW of power) that are located in more than 3,000 locations. Volkswagen, Seat, Cupra and Skoda customers will be able to choose between three flat rates for public recharging, all of them with fixed prices for each kWh recharged.

The Volkswagen Group tries to offer an ecosystem based on functional platforms that allow drivers to travel with peace of mind with their electric vehicle. Previously, each of the German group’s brands had different rates. The four brands are based on the service of Elli (Electric Life), a Berlin-based brand that develops the German conglomerate’s energy and charging-related products and services. Audi and Porsche customers use the DCS offer, meaning their rates will not be affected by these changes.

The new rates will apply to We Charge (Volkswagen) customers, easy charging (Seat/Cupra) and power pass (Skoda). The network is based on three fundamental pillars. The high-power Ionity network, the opportunity recharge and high power of other load managers attached to each platform and the linked recharge at home, which is by far the one that performs the highest load percentages each year. Within the offer, Elli offers preferential conditions for Ionity fast chargers, among other networks, with different prices depending on the country.

“We want to offer our customers an optimal charging experience and make the electric car the preferred transport option for the first time. For this reason, we are emphatically addressing the topics of price transparency, network expansion and charging convenience,” says Elke Temme, CEO of Volkswagen Group Charging GmbH (Elli) and Senior Vice President Charging and Energy Volkswagen Group Components. The Selected Partner programwhich will be launched later this year, will offer electric car drivers a quick and clear description of the best charging options on the route they specify, which “will bring a new dynamic of quality to the expansion of the network of charge,” adds Temme.

Volkswagen is also planning to launch a partner program that will increase convenience at charging stations. The German manufacturer will include information on the characteristics of the charging stations for combine it with the route calculated by the navigation system, so that it will offer drivers the option of programming the trip including the necessary recharging times and indicating how much charge they want to reach the destination. Quality criteria will include reliability, weather protection and catering. Volkswagen says that in the future, information about the type of charging station will be available for customers to choose where they want to stop. There will be fast chargers that do not offer other extra services and others located in service stations with roofs and cafeterias.

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