Volkswagen could take the production of the ID to the United States. Buzz and other models

Volkswagen has always longed to conquer the American market. Aware of its enormous potential, the Germans have found numerous and forceful obstacles on this front. The events that emerged after the “dieselgate” have meant taking a few steps back. However, electric mobility raises new possibilities. Volkswagen wants to expand its American plant to bring production of the new Volkswagen ID there. Buzzin addition to other models in the future.

Currently, Volkswagen does not have much of a manufacturing presence in the United States. The Chattanooga plant is the only one on the continent and is responsible for the production of the Volkswagen Atlas and Atlas Sport, models not sold in Europe. Soon they will start producing the Volkswagen ID.4, which will be launched on the North American market this fall. With this transformation of lines to electric models, the Germans want to reinforce their presence with the production of several additional models.

Europe is suffering from the aftermath of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. With high instability in the markets, the Germans have turned their attention to other continents. Having made clear the enormous potential of the Chinese and American markets, Volkswagen wants to put part of its efforts into diverting parts of production. At first, the Hannover plant was going to exclusively produce the Volkswagen ID. Buzz, although now, given the current problems, it is not so clear.

The next Volkswagen Amarok will have an electric version.

The German manufacturer wants to invest a whopping 7.1 billion over the next five years on the North American continent. An investment that will be accompanied by the launch of 25 electric models before the end of the decade. The objective is clear; turn the United States into a potentially electric market. The estimates, or rather, the wishes, are to reach 50% of electricity sales by 2030. Ambitious plans that go through deriving production.

Sources close to the company have communicated to Reuters that Volkswagen is seriously considering producing several models in Chattanooga. The ID. Buzz would not be the only one, as there has also been talk of the future electric version of the Volkswagen Amarokwhich was confirmed a few days ago and about which at the moment we do not know much, although its launch is scheduled for the year 2025. It is a very special model that could be well accepted in the North American market given the popularity of trucks.

On the other hand, certain information published by Manager Magazine aimed not at an expansion of the Chattanooga plant, but at the construction of a second plant right next to the first, which would allow it to reach an annual production of 600,000 vehicles, along with another specifically for battery production that could supply components directly to the main plant. Volkswagen has refused to comment on this, which has further raised speculation.

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