Volkswagen announces SalzGiga, a new battery factory in which it will produce its own cells

The Volkswagen Group will articulate around the plant that the consortium has in Salztigger a new battery factory for its electric cars in which it will produce its own cells, thus forming what the German group itself has defined as “its European battery center” .

This has been made known by Volkswagen itself in a brief statement that they have made public today as an advance. This is the second plant factory confirmed from the German consortium during this same year. The first will be located close to the Valencian municipality of Sagunto, in Spain.

The Volkswagen Group has already named it SalzGiga, and contrary to what happens with the projected factory in Spain, this new factory will be built relative to the one they currently have in this city. The factory currently employs 7,000 workers and since 2019 it belongs, more specifically, to the Volkswagen component production division, which is called Volkswagen Group Components.

Thus, the Volkswagen plant in Salztigger will undergo a transformation similar to the BMW or Stellantis plants dedicated to the production of automobile components. Since 1970, the Saltztigger factory has been dedicated to the production of all types of engines for different models of the consortium, thus producing a natural relay between technologies in the location.

At the moment the brand has not gone into details about production capacity or deadlines for this new section of the factory, but it is expected that it will do so next July 7 at 3:15 p.m. (in CEST time), which is when have announced a conference regarding the news that they have advanced today

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