Vespa 50 Special-e: a classic Vespa that is now an electric scooter

Garage Italia is an Italian motorcycle and classic car customization workshop whose latest work is the electric conversion of a classic Vespa. The firm has named it Vespa 50 Special-eand although it is a model made almost by hand, the firm is already beginning to accept orders.

As its name indicates, this electric retomod is based on a Vespa 50 Special, and except for some rims with a somewhat bulkier hub in conventional models, there is nothing that is in charge of advancing that it is now an electric scooter. .

As in any restoration, the aesthetic renewal has been carried out by renovating and cleaning up the smallest detail, so much so that it could even go through a new model. The unit chosen to present the model by Garage Italia is finished in the same shade of pastel green paint that, among others, sported the Sportellinio Piccolo special series that was sold between the 60s and 70s. The paint contrasts with the white leather chosen for both seats like fists. The brake levers and rear rack have also been painted white.

vespa 50 e-special.
Vespa 50 Special-e from Garage Italia.

Since it has just been presented and that it is a model intended to be manufactured in a very small number of units, the brand has hardly released details of its electrical diagram.

The 50 cubic centimeter two-stroke engine has given way to a hub-type engine that finds a place in the rear wheel, and whose power is 7kwas specified by Garage Italia, although they have not specified whether it is the nominal or maximum power.

As for its battery, the Italian house has not given any capacity data, although they have announced its autonomy. With a full charge of your battery you will be able to travel up to 100 kilometers. Based on the announced power and autonomy, if it is real, the capacity of the battery should be more than 4 kWh.

electric classic scooter
Garage Italia also does electric conversions of classic Italian cars.

Garage Italia has also not made public a specific sale price for this Vespa 50 Special-e, therefore urges all potential buyers to contact them via email. Those interested in acquiring a Vespa 50 Special-e from Garage Italia from Spain should also contact Garage Italia directly to find out about import deadlines and possibilities (

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