VanPowers Creates a Disruptive Electric Bike That Assembles Like a LEGO

In today’s electric bike market it’s hard to stand out if you don’t offer a distinctive feature that has no competition. In the case of VanPowers City Vanture the construction is what makes the difference. The tubes, the stays, the chainstays and the rest of the components they arrive at the client’s house disassembled so that it takes care of putting them in their place as if it were a LEGO or a piece of furniture IKEA. The bicycle also provides other qualities such as a belt drive or one autonomy up to 80 kilosmeters.

Although the information about the VanPowers company might make you think that it was just created this year, behind this new brand are the Salivan Times Technology and Juln Electric Vehicle teams, active in the micromobility industry for years. From their collaboration an electric bicycle has been born that has nothing to do with those offered by the competition. City Vanture is a disruptive machine by the manufacturing method that has been chosen for it.

The main feature of the City Vanture is that the aluminum tubes in its frame they are not welded to each other in specific areas. The frame is similar in design to any other bike, meaning there’s a top tube, a sloping down tube, an upright for the seat post, and seatstays and chainstays to hold the rear wheel. In this case, imitating the way of assembling a LEGO construction, all of them are inserted into each other by means of receivers that allow fit some pieces togetherresulting in a very original electric bicycle.

electric bike vanpowers city vanture-interior2
VanPowers City Vanture electric bike parts are shipped in their box for the owner to assemble, allowing you to choose from hundreds of color combinations.

According to VanPowers herself, the system is inspired by a method used in carpentry called mortise and tenon. In the joints that join two pieces of wood, a projecting tongue called a tenon made of one piece is inserted as a mold within its corresponding mortise, in the other piece. It is basically the same principle that LEGO toys and some IKEA furniture are based on. The result is that, with 11 colors available, customization options there are many and the bicycle can be created to suit each client.

Once the pins have been inserted into their corresponding mortises, all of them made of aluminum alloy, it is necessary tighten the bolts that secure the assembly. This raises the question of its solidity during regular use. According to the company, if the bicycle is used for the habitat for which it has been designed, the paved streets of the city, there should not be any durability problem.

electric bike vanpowers city vanture-interior1
According to the company, if the bicycle is used for the habitat for which it has been designed, the paved streets of the city, there should not be any durability problem.

Regarding the components of the bicycle, the electrical assistance system is made up of a engine brushless located in the hub of the rear wheel with a power of 250W. The speed limit at which it works is 25 km/h, as required by the EPAC regulations. The battery of 252Wh capacity, mounts inside the down tube and is virtually unnoticeable. The autonomy it can offer will be between 60 and 80 kilometersdepending on the physical characteristics of the cyclist, the demand for power and the orography.

The transmission is made through a Gates Cabon Drive carbon strap It is maintenance free, more durable than link chain and eliminates rubbing noise from mechanisms. The disc brake system with hydraulic drive is of the brand Tektro similar to the one installed on high-end bikes.

electric bike vanpowers city vanture-interior3
The electric assistance system is made up of a brushless motor located in the rear wheel hub and a 252 Wh capacity battery located inside the down tube.

Completing the set are highly durable Kenda 700C*28C tires that adapt to all surfaces, dry or wet with extensive tread to ensure flexible grip. Finally, from the high-sensitivity LCD screen, located on the handlebar, you can configure the degree of assistance among the five available, monitor battery level and trip parameters, such as speed and distance traveled. The total weight of the bicycle, with all the components, is 15.5 kilograms.

In addition to being able to buy through your website by €2,266VanPowers will launch it through the microfinance platform Indiegogo where investors will have at their disposal several offers that favor those who trust in the project with a significantly reduced price.

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