Urbet Lora: the electric motorcycle with 360 km of autonomy already has prices in Spain

The Spanish firm Urbet Electric Motors has officially presented its new electric model: the Urbet Lora. A “125” type motorcycle that arrives ready to hit the table in the electric motorcycle market thanks to the greatest autonomy in its category and plenty of power. We already know all its specifications, its price and when it will begin to be delivered to its first customers.

It is unusual to see an electric motorcycle with more than 350 kilometers of autonomy, and it is even less common to find it in the price range of the new Urbet Lora. The Spanish firm, based in Marbella, will launch its new model with two versions: Urbet Lora and Urbet Lora S. The last one will be the most performance, both for autonomy and for power and acceleration.

Although the Urbet Lora is a motorcycle focused mainly on urban and interurban use, its design is more similar to that of a large displacement ‘naked’ sports motorcycle. We are dealing with an electric motorcycle weighing 190 kilos, with a seat height of 800 mm and a cycle part that is very careful to achieve performance, in theory, above all its direct rivals.

Urbet Lora: the access version, cheaper, has 180 km of autonomy

Urbet Lora prototype.

There will be two versions. The access version will be the Urbet Lora, it has 5 kW of nominal power and reaches 11 kW of maximum power, which allows it to reach a top speed of 120 km/h. Equip a 7.56 kWh capacity battery (72 V and 105 Ah) with lithium-ferrophosphate cells, manufactured by Gotion. This type of battery, called LFP, does not use cobalt and is becoming increasingly common in electric cars as well.

In its access version, the Urbet Lora reaches 180 kilometers of autonomy (in Eco mode) and according to the manufacturer, you can travel up to 120 actual kilometers at highway speeds. The price of the Urbet Lora is 8,000 euros before possible aid from the Moves III Plan.

Urbet Lora S: the most powerful and with the greatest autonomy

One step above is the Urbet Lora S, the most powerful version with greater autonomy. The Urbet Lora S has an electric motor with 8 kW of nominal power and up to 19 kW (26 CV) of maximum power. A remarkable figure that allows it to reach 150 km/h top speed.

The battery pack of the Lora S is doubled, that is, it has two batteries like the standard Lora. The total capacity of the battery reaches 15.1 kWh, which allows the Lora S a range of up to 360 kilometers. According to Urbet, at highway speeds it will be able to reach 240 kilometers of autonomy with a full charge. The Urbet Lora S costs €11,500 before possible help.

Urbet Lora prototype.

Among the characteristics of the motorcycle, it is also worth mentioning the instrument panel with a 6.8-inch screen or the double front brake disc with a diameter of 220 mm with four-piston calipers. Later, Urbet will present an app for smartphones from which to monitor different parameters of the motorcycle and have access to different connected services.

This coming weekend a functional prototype will be exhibited at MOMA22, the Malaga Motorcycle Show, which according to the brand will be 95% identical to the final production version. The latter will, however, have some modifications in the front design (which will add a small ornamental dome over the headlight) and a toothed belt drive instead of a chain like the prototype.

Urbet is already accepting orders, the first will arrive at the end of the year

The Spanish firm has opened the reservation period today and the first deliveries to customers are expected before the end of the year. To formalize the reservation, a deposit of 500 euros is required, refundable if the client backs out of the purchase.

Let us remember that the Plan Moves III also includes electric motorcycles, with grants of up to 1,300 euros if you deliver to scrap a motorcycle over seven years old, or 1,100 euros in the case of not scrapping. If you opt for the maximum amount of the Moves Plan, the price of the Urbet Lora can stay at 5,700 euros, while the Urbet Lora S can stay at 10,200 euros.

Both versions of the Urbet Lora have L3e homologation and can be driven with the A1 license or with the B license if it is more than three years old.

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