Up to 1 MW of power: this will be the future “authentic M” of BMW

The arrival of BMW’s “Neue Klasse” platform will mark a before and after for the German company. High-performance batteries further optimized for longer range, new car technology and new mechanical configuration options for electric cars. A few weeks ago it was possible to see how BMW was testing a prototype of an electric model based on the i4 but with up to 4 electric motors. Now, a top manager of the company has given the first clues about this mysterious model.

On the specialized website BMW-Blog have had the opportunity to interview the current CTO of BMW, Frank Weber, who, in turn, is also the company’s head of engineering and research and development. In his speech, the manager further specified the direction that the brand will take in the coming years to ensure that 50% of its sales are electric cars from 2030 or the relevance of the arrival of the “Neue Klasse” platform ”. However, the person in charge released some more totally unpublished data.

At one point, members of the specialized media asked Weber about the future mechanical configurations of his electrics, as well as what are the electrification plans for division M, the sports department of BMW. To this, the person in charge was very specific in his response.

“The most demanding vehicle we have is a true high-performance M product. Very high performance M product. What we can expect from this Neue Klasse architecture is not only flexibility within its high-voltage battery. It can also have a super efficient single motor architecture, a dual motor architecture, and it can even offer a quad motor architecture up to one megawatt.”.

BMW showed the world a prototype equipped with four electric motors

What the person in charge of BMW clarified in his comment is that have the ability to create a supercar of up to 1 MW of electrical power, that is, up to 1,360 hp. This would be a shock to the market for electric models, including high-performance brands where BMW currently does not have firm competition. On which model could you adapt this four-engine configuration? At the moment nothing is known about it, however, there have been many rumors in recent years about the possible arrival of a spiritual substitute for the legendary BMW M1 in the form of an electric vehicle.

It is also known that BMW and McLaren approached positions a few months ago and that they could have reached an agreement on the development of an electric sports car, although, in his interview, Weber did not confirm anything about it. At the moment there are no known data on what final application the use of this architecture could lead to. an electric motor located in each wheel of the vehicle.

When BMW showed some first images of the modified BMW i4 in which it is currently testing this technology, it did not state what official power it declared, but the widening of its wheel arches was particularly striking. Could this be a first look at a future super powerful electric BMW M3? At the moment it is known that BMW is already developing “authentic M” on the future BMW iX3 and iX4.

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