Unity will co-develop the new Mercedes-Benz operating system that will arrive in 2024

Mercedes-Benz is going to redo everything that has been done so far in the operating system section of its marketed vehicles. Its current system, called MBUX, is presented as one of the most advanced on the market but, nevertheless, it has an expiration date. In the year 2024, the firm of the German star will present a new software which will gradually be incorporated over its entire range of models.

This renewal in the operating system of the German models will come under the umbrella of Unity Technologies, a company specialized in the development of 3D platforms in real time and that drives 70 percent of the current video game market. In the aforementioned software renovation, Mercedes engineers and designers will make use of Unity Industrial Collection, a 3D product visualization and graphics package to complete the user interface and designs of different environments within the cabin itself, such as instrumentation digital, the central infotainment screen, or other panels scattered throughout the interior.

The renewed software will abandon the acronym known until now as MBUX (Mercedes-Benz User Experience) and will adopt a name that is much easier and simpler to remember: MB.OS or Mercedes-Benz Operating System.

However, the update in the operating system of Mercedes vehicles will bring with it new possibilities for equipment, comfort and on-board entertainment. Among other novelties, the operating system signed by Unity will link all vehicles to the cloud and the internet of thingswhich will divide their provided information into four main areas: powertrain, autonomous driving, infotainment, and safety and comfort systems.

The new software will have high doses of 3D images and augmented reality

As he admitted in a recent interview with AutoNews Magnus Östberg himself, director of software at Mercedes, with this renewal in the operating system of Mercedes models, wants to achieve three main things; first and foremost will be new user interface more elaborated and “according to a luxury brand”; the second ambition will be create two-way communication with the customer, that is, create permanent online contact lines; and lastly, “integrate the digital lifestyle of the customer in the domain of the vehicle”, which is expected to determine a higher level of model customization.

Although the renewed software will focus most of its attributes on images, 3D recreation and augmented reality, the truth is that it will also have applications and specific hardware for the transmission of audio and video in high quality, as well as instant messaging and games for its occupants. This is something very similar to what Volvo said it would also release on the new generation of the electric Volvo XC90.

In the first instance, and according to the data offered by Mercedes-Benz, the new operating system would be supported by the hardware that the Mercedes Vision EQXX Concept already released a few months ago in its huge panoramic screen that crosses the entire width of the dashboard. In this way, it leaves in the air the possibility of making use of other designs, such as the one released in the new generation of the Mercedes S-Class, with the central screen in vertical format or, in parallel, the one known as “Hyperscreen” that premiered the Mercedes EQS .

Magnus Östberg has revealed few concise hints about what may be seen in the future MB.OS, however, he did admit that virtual and augmented reality visualization will be powered by Unity 3D-Games Engine and “will create an extremely realistic representation of the world. This is what we call Digital Luxury”, said the person in charge. Its official presentation is expected to take place on a conceptual model that is shown prior to its commercial launch in 2024.

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