Twitter speaks the language of the electric car: tweets about electric cars increase by 31%

According to Twitter itself, almost 3 out of 4 users of its platform in Spain claim to have the intention of putting the conversation they are engaging in into action and they are considering the purchase of an electric or hybrid car in the coming months.

According to the platform, in general, the people who live on Twitter are passionate about cars and constantly go to the social network to talk about it. It is because of that in 2021, more than 119 million automotive-related Tweets were generated worldwide.

Looking at the demographic profile of car enthusiasts on Twitter, almost 60% are under 35 years old. And although the majority are men, women already make up a third of the conversation on Twitter.

Why is this conversation taking place on Twitter? According to a survey carried out by the company, 77% of automotive fans on Twitter consider that the platform can share their knowledge with others and feel that they are part of a community with which to discover and share their interests. In addition, at 20% of Twitter users like to be the first to know what’s new in the automotive industry and on the platform they can access that information in real time.

The revolution of electric cars in Spain is also experienced on Twitter

Much of the conversation about cars on Twitter is related to electric cars. This is reflected by volume of interactions in this sense, since these tweets increased by 31% compared to the previous year around the world, fueled by people’s interest in commenting, researching and exchanging opinions on the latest news. This trend is also a reality in our country: conversations about electric cars increased by 21% last year compared to 2020.

Beyond conversation volumes, Twitter claims that its users know the market and “are influential.” Almost 3 out of 4 Twitter users in Spain claims to intend to put the conversation into action and consider buying an electric/hybrid car in the coming months.

The main advantage that stand out to have an electric or hybrid car being more respectful of the environment (58%), this being the majority option among those over 45 years of age, while people of younger ages (between 15 and 34 years of age) highlight the advantage of being able to enjoy subsidies or purchase aid (31%). They also point out that this type of vehicle makes less noise than combustion engines (50%) and, for a small part of the population (6.5%), style or status is an advantage associated with the purchase.

However, people on Twitter also discuss the barriers to buying an electric car. The main limitation pointed out is the price (56%), especially for those over 45 years of age, followed by the scarcity of charging stations (53%) and autonomy (45%). The latter is one of the main disadvantages among people between 35-44 years old on the platform.

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