Twenty of the seventy brands in Spain still do not have electric cars

A total of twenty of the sixty car brands that have a presence in the Spanish market still do not offer drivers a fully electric car, although they do include hybrid versions, according to data from Sumauto.

The specialist in automotive portals pointed out that brands such as Jeep, Land Rover, Subaru or Suzuki, among others, do not have vehicles with this type of propulsion in their product portfolios, while others such as Mitsubishi or Seat that, despite having had an electric in their range, i-MiEV and Mii Electric, respectively, right now they don’t sell it.

In the same way, the irruption of the electric car widened the disparity of native electric manufacturers, that is, companies that from their origin only sold models with this propulsion.

In Spain, there are nine brands of this type, Tesla, Polestar or Aiways, among others. This deployment of native brands is due to the fact that the cost of developing an electric car is simpler than a combustion one, which, added to the decrease in the cost of batteries, means profitable production.

While brands like Volkswagen have up to four models, others like Alfa Romeo do not yet have any electric cars for sale.
While traditional brands such as Volkswagen have up to four models, others such as Alfa Romeo or SEAT still do not have any electric cars for sale

Within the twenty brands, there are manufacturers such as Lynk & Co that sell only electrified vehicles, but not electric ones. In the future of premium or luxury brands, there are plans for the development of electric vehicles. MAserati will launch its first electric car in 2023, Alfa Romeo will do the same in 2024 and Ferrari will do so in 2025.

MSI’s forecasts for Sumauto predict a 29% boost in electric sales, reaching 30,000 units sold this year and reaching 40,000 units sold in 2023. “With the arrival of the electric car, we will see an increasing disparity of manufacturers In fact, the lower complexity of developing an electric motor compared to a combustion engine favors the appearance of new actors, opening up even more the range of possibilities for the driver in the coming years”, explained the Sumauto spokesman, Ignacio García Rojí.

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