Triumph’s electric bicycle is a boast of design, and is available in Spain

More and more car and motorcycle manufacturers are entering the world of the pedal hand in hand with electric bicycles. Triumph is one of the most reputable motorcycle brands, and in Spain it already markets an electric bicycle that sports the same careful design as its large motorcycles. Is named Triumph Trekkerand as its name suggests, it is a versatile trekking model.

Trekking bikes are designed, in principle, to carry out routes in countryside environments at a leisurely pace, but given their configuration and design, they are also becoming suitable models for those looking for a bicycle for different types of use. That is why the Triumph Trekker is also postulated as a suitable model for urban use, or even as one appropriate for cycling or simply for a walk.

Triumph, however, wanted to stand out from the rest of the electric bicycles of this type that are for sale in Europe with a very careful design. According to the brand, the Trekker has been designed by the same team that shapes their motorcycles. His frame is finished in an understated two-tone paint (Matt Silver Ice and Matt Jet Black), and his image is finished off by Triumph’s own logo located on the frame telescope on the front of the frame.

triumph electric bike
Triumph Trekker.

In its technical file, in addition, it appears the name of the most reputable suppliers of components in the sector. As in any electric bicycle, the pedaling assistance system takes on special weight. In this case, as in many others, Shimano is responsible for it, as we find a centrally placed E6100 electric motor that assists the cyclist with 250 W of power and complements it with a torque of 60 Nm.

The battery from which it is powered is also manufactured by Shimano and is removable. It has a capacity of 504 Wh, it is not one of the largest on the market, but it should be enough for a full day of use with a full charge.

The front fork is made by the specialist rock shoxwho equips the Trekker with a Paragon Silver TK with 65 millimeters of travel, while the derailleur is also provided by Shimano, a 10-speed SL-M6000-R Deore Rapidfire Plus.

triumph electric bike
triumph electric bike

The practical facet is put by a cargo rack on the rear wheel, a led headlight, a kickstand to be able to park it, as well as a rear wheel lock made by Abus.

Such a deployment of components, and the mere fact that it is an electric bicycle from the renowned British brand, however, carries a cost. And it is that the Triumph Trekker is priced in Spain at 3,250 euros. It is available through the brand’s website in our country.

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