Toyota wants to fight Tesla by launching its first battery pack for home use

Energy storage is becoming a new field where different brands are fighting each other. As in the electric car market, Tesla is one of the best positioned brands thanks to its well-known Megapack, whose installation is increasingly widespread throughout the world. In order to stand up, Toyota now unveils its own storage cell for residential usewhich we can see in these images.

The world is in an era of need for electrical storage. Although renewable energy is the future, there is still no system capable of keeping the energy generated for use when needed. With this premise, the first Tesla Megapacks were born, now distributed throughout the world in ever larger formats. One of the largest projects to date has been launched earlier this year in the state of Texas.

The idea itself is very simple; store the energy in large battery packs to use it in case of need or for when you do not want to depend on the electricity grid. It is the first time that Toyota has used something like this, but it has extensive experience in the field of batteries and storage. At the moment they will only be available in Japan from this month of Augustand may be purchased by builders and construction companies in general.

Scheme on the operation of the Toyota energy storage system.

Named the O-Uchi Kyuden system, uses battery technologies from electrified vehicles to provide a nominal capacity of 8.7 kWh and a nominal output of 5.5 kWh. This amount is more than enough to power an entire house, not only in normal situations but also during possible power outages that may occur. In order to recover lost energy, the battery pack can be connected to a photovoltaic system.

If necessary, it is also possible to connect an electric car with bidirectional charging that provides the necessary current and can extend the life of the auxiliary battery. The entire system can be regulated through an application on any mobile device.l, being able to indicate to the system when we want to use the energy of the stationary battery, or to program the hours in order to be able to free the most expensive points of electricity.

main specifications

Rated capacity

8.7 kWh

maximum output


Operating temperatures

-20ºC to +45ºC


power conditioner




battery unit


power supply adapter


Installation location


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