Toyota shows new images of the Compact Cruiser EV, its future electric off-roader

In December of last year 2021, Toyota and Lexus showed an entire arsenal of future electric models that will arrive in the coming years. In those first images there were models like the Lexus Electrified Sport or the Lexus Electrified Sedan, among others. But within the Toyota bench there was a model that attracted particular attention, presenting lines very similar to those that the Toyota FJ Cruiser premiered a few years ago and thus demonstrating its interest in reviving that concept, now together with an electrical mechanic. That vehicle that could be seen in the general photo was called Toyota Compact Cruiser EV.

Toyota has managed to win the first prize “Car Design Award for Concept Vehicles 2022” Thanks to this conceptual electric SUV, and on the occasion of the celebration for said award, the Japanese company has published new photos of the exterior of the model, as well as one of its command post.

The model promises important qualities off the asphalt
The model promises important qualities off the asphalt

The Toyota Compact Cruiser EV was one of fifteen concept models unveiled a few months ago. At that time there was no extensive coverage of each of the models that were exhibited there. However, now, from Toyota Europe design development center (located in Nice, France) have released more details of the aesthetics of the off-road model, which presents completely muscular and very tough lines, but, above all, very capable on hard terrain far from the asphalt.

From Toyota they assure that his inspiration to create this model was the first generation of the Toyota Land Cruiser, although they added certain similarities to the more recent FJ Cruiser. Around the entire vehicle, a series of protective decorations finished in black plastic have been inserted, as well as a high ground clearance to avoid knocks on the underside of it (where the battery will be located).

The model features LED headlights with a C-shaped light signature, which in turn are integrated into a black front trim and where the brand name is located. Depending on the use that is going to be given to this car, may host elements of one purpose or another. Among these elements are a winch anchored in the front area of ​​the car, or side access stairs to the roof where snowboards or surfboards can be placed. In its rear are the cow’s own anchors surrounding the glass, as well as LED headlights with new aesthetic shapes. The lower area houses an outstanding plastic protection.

Toyota's new SUV will be fully electric
Toyota’s new SUV will be fully electric

Little is known about its cabin. Most of the images presented by Toyota are part of a digital render, so the only full-scale model ever made has been cast in clay, so it does not have a cabin. However, the brand has published a brief image of what could be seen on its dashboard, in which the double screen on the dashboard or controls close to the driver. Its steering wheel shows a rough and resistant aesthetic.

From Toyota they already establish some direct rivals of the model, such as the Land Rover Defender or the Jeep Wrangler, although in the case of the Japanese it will do the same under a 100% electric mechanics. From the Japanese company they do not mention any specific detail of its mechanics, since it is only known that it will be totally electric. Rumors already speak of shared components with the Toyota bZ4x, although being positioned at very different market levels, it is more than likely that the Toyota Compact Cruiser EV will make use of totally new mechanics and that we will know in the coming years.

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