Toyota presents the Toyota Crossover EV by surprise without saying that it is electric

The Toyota Crossover EV was one of the 11 electric cars that Toyota presented, by total surprise, at the end of last year. Although in Hybrids and Electrics we tried to guess what kind of car it was, the truth is that without data from Toyota it was difficult to know what kind of product we were dealing with. Now, and again by surprise, Toyota has shown the Crossover EV in final product form. as part of the brand’s Crown range.

It has also done so without confirming what type of power train it will carry under its bodywork, that is, without saying that it is electric. Something that draws attention given that it was presented as such a month ago. A striking aspect also since in the case of other models they have confirmed that they are hybrid cars, but they have remained silent regarding the Crossover EV.

To make matters worse, in addition, the brand has declared that is based on the TNGA platform (Toyota’s News Global Architecture), and it has done so by showing only its structural components in a render, without letting the most important components of the powertrain appear, as they have done with the Toyota Crown sedan. It should be noted that it is a base that in its e-TNGA variation already shapes several electric cars, including the Toyota bZ4x.

Toyota Crossover EV previously presented by the brand.

Given that the brand presented it as one of the next eleven electric cars that the brand will launch in the coming years, and that the images shown by Toyota of it recently do not reveal any exhaust pipe in its rear, there is the possibility that later the company will confirm that we are facing a model for batteries.

In addition, and as a member of the Toyota Crown range, the production model of the Crossover EV is significantly different from the popular concept with which it was initially associated, since, as we ourselves pointed out, the possibility that it was of a reinterpretation of the Corolla in an SUV key. Something that Toyota has been in charge of denying with the presentation of this new series of models.

Toyota Crown range.
Toyota Crown range.

However, and given that the Toyota Crown range has not been confirmed for Europe, but for Japan and the United States, there is the possibility that the Japanese firm will bring the Toyota Crown Sport (as they have called it in the conference in which it has seen the light) under a different name. Depending on the brand, the four models it has shown will hit the streets over the next year and a half.

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