Toyota plans to launch a GR bZ4x, a more radical version of its electric SUV

Toyota does not stop its machinery for the development and production of future electric cars. They have just opened the ban on sales (by renting in Spain) of the bZ4x in Europe and They already think of an alternative much more focused on the performance and sportiness of this electric SUV so particular. This new mechanical variant is set as the beginning of the journey of electric sports vehicles signed by the GR division of the Japanese firm.

This is not the first time that we see how Toyota’s sportiest department, GR, endows a model launched by the Japanese brand with enormous performance attributes. Nevertheless, this will be the first time that it does it on a 100% electric vehicle. During the past Tokyo Motor Show, in January, Toyota already presented a more passionate alternative to the bZ4x, although the mechanics of this did not present changes, it did on the outside, denoting a strong interest in such a movement on the part of the brand. That model was the bZ4x GR Sport Concept.

However, that model was created exclusively as a concept vehicle that would serve as a design exercise, as well as to gauge the interest of its potential customers in a car with these characteristics.

It is now known that Toyota GR is working on said sports variant of the first production electric SUV. Daisuke Ido, chief engineer of the bZ4x, assured the media MoveElectric that this is an idea that they are already talking to those responsible for the GR sports departmentalthough at the moment it is just an idea and a possible medium-term project.

The same director also expressed the enormous difficulty of developing a model with these characteristics, not only to increase the maximum power or torque in order to achieve high specifications, but also to ensure handling and performance on par with other GR signed vehicles. “That’s always the biggest challenge,” she points out. Ido affirms that being an electric vehicle gives it a certain advantage in the sense that the immediate power delivery is already perceived as something highly sporty, although this sports variant must include an important step forward in terms of specifications.

Toyota bZ4x.
Toyota bZ4x.

At the moment, this start of development of an electric sports SUV model is a mystery, although the first speculations already speak of a power greater than 300 CV thanks to the mechanics used in the Lexus RX 450e, the first cousin of the Toyota SUV that we were already able to meet in person. The E-TNGA platform on which the Toyota bZ4x sits presents enormous versatility in terms of possibilities, so the firm will have a very wide margin of movement.

From Toyota they have already advanced a generous landing of electric models based on this same platform for the coming years, since it is designed to house vehicles from segment C and D. Additionally, Ido also confirmed that the company is working on a new platform electric for smaller vehicles.

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