Toyota is not afraid of the crisis: it maintains production expectations for 2022

The automobile industry has been suffering continuous ailments for two years that have ended up affecting the volume of production worldwide. The COVID-19 pandemic first and the component and material crisis later have forced manufacturers to lower their expectations, although not all of them. Toyota is confident that it can avoid problems, and therefore maintains its production plan close to 10 million cars worldwide at the end of the fiscal year.

Keep in mind that unlike Spain, the Japanese fiscal year starts on April 1 and ends on March 31 of the following year. Although the second trimester has been tough for everyone, Toyota still believes that it can reach the end of March next year with the production figure of 9.7 million units all over the world. A figure that encourages optimism, although they have recently announced a selective break related to the spread of COVID-19.

To compensate, the Japanese manufacturer is trying to boost production at other plants, although the situation is far from simple. The lack of supplies and some essential materials has caused the selective and temporary stoppage of many production lines. Chip shortages have forced manufacturing to cut back in the second quarter. Toyota has recently announced that it will suspend production on three of its lines at the Motomachi factory.Japan, in the middle of next September.

Toyota’s first electric, the bZ4X, is having serious problems reaching the international market

Without going that far, this week, Monday and Tuesday, activities at the Tsutsumi plant have been paralyzed due to the shortage of more elements. However, the Japanese mentality does not give up in its efforts to counteract the problems in the following months. Much of the industry hopes to alleviate the chip shortage by the end of this year. Toyota is confident in this strategy, so much so that estimates that during the next month of September it will be able to produce about 850,000 cars worldwideseeking to climb the figure until November, although it will depend on external factors.

Who more, who less is paying the consequences of the globalized world in which we live. The crisis does not avoid almost anyone, not even Tesla. The Americans had weathered the storm very well so far. In the last quarterly report the company announced a reduction in manufacturing, the first in many quarters. More serious is the effect on small manufacturers like Lucid Motors. Those in California have had to reduce production expectations by 50% due to the difficulty they have in being able to supply components to the assembly lines.

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