Toyota is already working on the collection, remanufacturing and recycling of batteries for its electric vehicles

Recycling company Redwood Materials and Toyota will collaborate on the collection, remanufacturing and recycling of electric vehicle batteries, as well as the supply of battery materials.

Thus, both companies will create a closed circuit for the batteries. Initially, they will focus on the testing and recycling of Toyota batteries, creating alternative end-of-life pathways.

Later, they will expand the collaboration to other areas, such as battery health research and data management, remanufacturing, and the supply of battery material throughout North America.

The collaboration will take place at the Redwood Battery Materials Campus in Nevada, USA, although for additional operations Redwood will be located near Toyota’s recently announced North American battery plant in North Carolina, still locating further the process and increasing the sustainability of the batteries.

Redwood, a company of JB Straubel, founder of Tesla, currently receives more than 6 GWh of batteries at the end of their useful life for recycling.

“We are increasing production of anode and cathode components in the United States to 100 GWh annually in 2025, enough to make more than a million electric vehicles a year, and then increasing to 500 GWh, enough for five million vehicles. electricity per year, in 2030”, they have indicated from the company.

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