Toyota bz5: First Details & Photos

Although the automobile market has been affected by an invasion of SUVs, the manufacturers seem to have seen that with the electric car, efficiency has once again taken an important part of the decision of the customers. That is why in recent months we are seeing how the sedans are recovering a small part of the lost ground. Something that will allow us to see new proposals such as the future Toyota bz5, which will come as an alternative within the segment of the Tesla Model 3 and company.

The Toyota bz5 will be a D-segment model that will have a body of about 4.7 meters long. Something that places it in the field of the Tesla Model 3 or the BMW i4, but also new proposals in the sedan segment such as the Volkswagen ID.7 or the Hyundai IONIQ 6.

As we can see in the recreation based on the SDN prototype presented by Toyota last year, the bz5 will be a sedan with a very aggressive and attractive design language. It will feature straight, sharp lines inherited from the SUVs, but gain in visual impact thanks to the sharper look of the vehicle.

Despite this, the future electric Toyota will have a configuration that reminds us of crossovers, where the driver will not sit very close to the ground, and his position will be somewhat higher. Not to the level of an SUV, but between 5 and 7 centimeters more than in a sedan with similar characteristics. Something similar to what Polestar offers us, which seeks to exploit the best of both worlds.

Toyota bz5

For the rest, the result will be a model with a modern and avant-garde style, with fine headlights that are joined by an already usual light bar and that dispenses with the classic grille, combined with a very clean silhouette in which the handles of the doors are built into the doors. All to safeguard a low aerodynamic coefficient, one of the important keys in electric cars.

Also highlight the position of the charging port, which will be placed on the rear left, on the driver’s side. A place that personally is one of the best to house the charger, and that would also indicate that Toyota will launch versions with an engine, but also a four-wheel-drive version.

As for its mechanical configuration, at the moment it is too early to know, but it is to be assumed that at least the Bz5 will have the same system that its range brothers will carry, with a system of one engine and front-wheel drive with 204 CV, and another with all-wheel drive and 218 hp. The battery will have a useful 71.4 kWh, which in this case should give it a range of about 500 km WLTP.

A new contender in the D-segment of electric sedans that if everything goes according to plan, will be on sale in 2025 worldwide. source:

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